MB on Spotify - January summary

Hello, fellow metalheads. Quite the start of the year, eh? January brought us quite a lot of interesting music. The scene has livened up a lot after lazy December. So, first of all quite a lot of full albums from all kinds of dark corners of metal. My favourite pieces are probably Annihilator, because of those amazing skills from Jeff Waters, that guy can play anything I guess. And we have full albums really with any type of metal - black, death, experimental, crossover, thrash, whatever is your angle. So, whenever you're reading one of our reviews and interviews from January, fire up the list of albums from this playlist and let us know if you hear the same things as us:

If you're not up to listening to full albums, prefer only singles promoting the albums either because you only want the best songs (and trust that songs that became singles really ARE the best) or you're just looking for new bands around and want to get to know them a little, our playlist with singles is the place to go. Some of these singles will definitely mean we're expecting to have some of these bands on our February full albums playlist:

We've also had some EPs this month, we have Snorlax, Frogg, Serpent Eater, Necropsy and Hallowed Fire. So if you've been waiting for new music from these bands, these should help you survive before they decide to release some full length albums.

Live albums for those who want to hear some sounds from a live show, but somehow can't attend one in person - Fractal Universe released the full live album, Behemoth gave us few songs and we have one song promoting Kreator's upcoming live album.

If you're into compilations and "best of" albums - the next playlist has two such releases waiting for you - from Overkill and Pestilence:

Some artists decided to do some re-releases. In January we've received re-released albums from Therion and a single teasing re-release of "The Reaper" album by Witchery, quite an unpredictable band from Sweden.

Do you like re-releases? Do you enjoy how the sound was changed?

Anyways, let us know how you like our playlists, remember to follow our profile on Spotify and add our fresh new playlists as soon as they appear as they're being updated on almost daily basis.

Stay metal \m/\m/

Entered: 2/1/2020 12:30:45 PM