MB on Spotify - February summary

Hello again, my fellow metalheads.

Another month is behind us and it provided us with a proper feast on almost every single subgenre of metal.

From smaller groups to legends like God Dethroned, Sepultura or even Ozzy himself, all have given us their full-length releases in February. Obviously I am recommending Krosis, Svart Crown and Dark Fortress. These are true gems to me. But we also have thrash, we have black metal, heavy metal... Anyway, if you have spare 45 hours, jump in and enjoy the variety of modern metal:

If you don't have that much time and just want to hear which tracks the bands themselves chose to promote their upcoming releases, head on to our playlist with singles. I am the most excited about upcoming albums from Azusa and obviously can't wait until the rest of the world can hear the whole Viscera album as it's really good stuff. Slightly over 4 hours of listening and you should be up to date about the greatest hits:

Now, EPs will probably always remain a rarity, so might as well list them all here. We've got 2 EPs from Purveyors of Sonic Doom, all other lazy bands that released only one EP are Warrior Within, Goblinsmoker, Kanseil, Ihsahn, Mecalimb and Dealer. Also quite a variety, from dirty and harsh to polished and synthetic. And everything available at your one left-click here:

And if you're up for listening to some live show, it seems we've got only one for you from February - Kreator's "London Apolypticon":

Obviously don't forget to browse all of our playlists, these are also frequently updated to include new albums mentioned in our reviews/interviews. If you read anything you like, why not put the appropriate soundtrack in the background? Most recent additions - Weight of Emptiness "Conquering the Deep Circle" (August 2019) and Die Choking "IV" (October 2019).

Stay metal! \m/

Entered: 3/5/2020 12:08:22 PM