MB on Spotify - April summary

Greetings fellow metalheads!

I've found few things that prove that April wasn't that bad really. We've had a lot of new music to check! Yay! Both big bands and small, fast and slow, heavy, thrash, black, death, sludge, doom folk and everything between. And it definitely did help me going through this whole isolation at least with a good soundtrack.

As usual - albums go as first. Things that we've all been waiting for to finally see the light of day. Or the darkness of the night, whichever is your preferred time to listen to the music. Some big stuff was out this month - Abysmal Dawn, finally released an album after 6 years and it's as good as always, with a fantastic cover song from Death. I obviously enjoyed the full Azusa album, that is definitely my top this month. What else? Benighted, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cirith Ungol, Danzig (singing Elvis songs, because who else could do it better? I'm waiting for his version of The Doors now), I Am Destruction, Katatonia, Testament... sounds like a perfect line-up for a main stage on some festival, right? But these are only the biggest cannons that have fired into my ears last month. Doesn't mean I only listened to them and neither should you. Do your homework and find out what full-lenghts have been carefully produced and delivered for your listening pleasure here. Just to help you get through:

We've had quite a few singles, too, for the connoisseurs, crème de la crème from each album, also carefully picked for you by the metal experts, just to get you hooked and even more impatient before the album is released. We've got a taste of things to come from Carach Angren, Centinex, Fit for An Autopsy, Havok, Hexenbrett, Ingested, Naglfar, Paradise Lost, Sinister, Vader, just to again mention the bigger names. Basically, you can't find any better tracks from the forthcoming releases than here:

Some bands are a bit too humble to release everything what was coming into their heads while holding instruments, but too proud of their creations to release just one track. That's what EPs are for and you can find them all with just one click here:

We've been given some compilations, too, not a surprise that this playlist frequently doesn't have many releases, doesn't mean you shouldn't check them out. Especially if you're a fan of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Metal Church, Therion or Throwdown. And even if you're not - still, do your homework and check them out as you may find that actually you prefer some cover versions for example than the originals, as it is in case of Therion's and Throwdown's releases. And you have to admit you're already curious about clicking on that funny band name which name has almost all words rhyming and you always want to check what is the hype around Metal Church:

Only two live releases in April - another Death from Non:Analog - On:Stage Series and Archgoat, because you need to let your neighbours know that you're still alive. Don't let them worry anymore, they haven't seen you in ages, they might think you've become depressed and stopped listening to all of those haunted gurgles, prove them wrong and play that playlist as loud as socially acceptable. And at the same time imagine you're there, watching those bands playing live:

Only one re-release last month, but still, it's my favorite album from Moonspell, "Memorial" and we've got some bonuses over there, too:

Don't forget to check out our playlists, click those 3 dots and choose "Add to Your Library" to stay up to date every month. And enjoy the least promoted genre of music together with us.

Mosh responsibly \m/

Entered: 5/12/2020 12:53:49 PM