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MB Premiere: CULT BURIAL - 'Dethroner'

While the London based CULT BURIAL may be a collective within blackened death metal, their debuting single 'Dethroner' off their self titled album shows many with a keen ear and watchful eye that they have a clear vision attached to their music.

'Dethroner' from an angle may seem like standard melodic blackened death metal, that while carefully assembled, is not the lot of their musical attributes that exceeds the norm. This track is but a snippet of what CULT BURIAL are truly capable of.

You hear their admiration for second wave black metal penetrate clearly through the tremolo picking incorporated with the bright melodicism that smoothly transitions to a sweeping guitar solo. The vocals apply a primal edge to both growling and snarling techniques while following the projected path of the music as a whole. The production is surprisingly crisp for a debuting single and tells of a band that has much to showcase.

Try to stay abreast with CULT BURIAL; their works appear very promising.


Simon Langofrd - Guitars, Drums
César Moreira - Vocals


Entered: 8/27/2020 8:20:13 AM