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MB Premiere: INSANE - 'At Dawn They Die'

'At Dawn They Die' from the thrash metal overdose that INSANE delvers on their upcoming album "Victims". Numerous boxes ticked on the criteria list, riffs - they have'em, vox are like an alley way drunk, the banging in the back? Oh just good old 85 era thrash and the production?, dingy and torn. Once you get past the eerie synth opening on 'At Dawn They Die', it's off to the asylum with a non stop green lit thrashing tornado. Insane soloing to complete the damage and you're done, wasted!!!! You'd be out of your mind to pass up on the full length once it's fittingly released through Dying Victims Productions.

Second album of Sweden's INSANE, "Victims", will be released on CD and vinyl LP formats by Dying Victims Productions on April 30th, 2021.


Erik Kristhammar - Guitars
Gustaf Hellberg - Guitars, Vocals
Rickard Nygren - Bass
Johnny Lebisch - Drums


Entered: 4/7/2021 12:03:22 PM