MB on Spotify - March summary

Greetings fellow metalheads!

I am not entirely sure what happened that 17 days of April have already passed and I'm just sitting down to write a summary for March. Probably it was all caused by the amount of good music I was listening to or maybe it's just my regular laziness. Anyway, I hope that you had some good stuff to listen to without my help, if you didn't - your wait is over and you've got info on all new metal available on Spotify now.

Let's start with the heavy-weights this time. The list of amazing stuff released in March is really long. We've got BAEST, Brand of Sacrifice, The Crown, Cryptosis, Eyehategod, Memoriam, Nightfall, Orecus, Stortregn to just mention the biggest and my favourites. We have also been given instrumental versions of albums from Lorna Shore, Thamnos and Whalesong (is that some new trend? do we need another category of releases for people who are not very fond of the sound of the human voice?) But there's plenty more, almost 60 hours of music - there's no such thing as too much of a good stuff, so get your ears and neck ready and click the link:

Now, the live section - we have been given few live performances to check out in March. At home, obviously. Or anywhere you decide to blast this music - in your car, on the street, in public transport, on your headphones or bluetooth speakers if you want to stir some shit. And we have Devin Townsend's acoustic show, "Masters of the Underground" with Dragonsfire, Secutor and Steelpreacher, "Live by Fire II" from Enforcer and a live album from Solbrud. Lindemann and Amorphis gave us only teasers of their upcoming live albums. All of these can be found under this link:

If you were longing for some older releases, but thought they needed some refreshing - we've got some brand new old albums from Acid Mammoth, Azarath, a massive re-release of Konhkra's "Sexual Affective Disorder" with plenty of extras, Ominous Scriptures, Scarlet Aura and Stormwind. Skeletal Remains gave us remastered "Desolate Isolation" track, before we get to listen to the whole compilation on May 21st with extra stuff on it. All of these tracks might be old, but I can guarantee the link below is completely new:

March gave us EPs released by Batushka (with Bart Krysiuk), Bound in Fear, Corners of Sanctuary, Distant, Estuarine (quite interesting experimental stuff), Fossilization, Golgotha, Korseld, MAL (with guest in each track), Necropanther, The Noctambulant, Nuclear Vomit, Sleepless, Turris Eburnea, Twitch of the Death Nerve (with quite a few live tracks as well), Wolfheart (with two acoustic versions), and Wratheon. Section for people who feel like listening to more than one track from each band, but get bored with full-lengths available under the link below:

Some bands also gave us samples of the full releases to come. 170 tracks, carefully picked by the bands like The Absence, Act of Denial, Ageless Oblivion (I can't wait to hear the album), Apocalyptica with Jacoby Shaddix, Artillery, Caliban, Cannibal Corpse (I know the album is already out and this summary is late and that I'm a mess...), Endseeker (full album in our April playlists, too), Gojira, Hacktivist, Insomnium, Nordjevel, Phlebotomized (album already out), Saille ("V" is on our April playlist), Taake, Vreid and Wormlight to just name a few (or rather umpteen) can be found here:

Enjoy listening to that beautiful music and don't forget to let the bands know you like them - send them few nice words and if you can buy their merch to support the artists who give your life a fantastic soundtrack.

Mosh responsibly \m/

Entered: 4/19/2021 2:18:20 PM