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MB Premiere and Review: DISEMBODIMENT - 'Mutated Chaos' full album stream

Canadian death metal band DISEMBODIMENT will have you drooling for what they have to offer on their upcoming debut EP Mutated Chaos (out on May 6th via Everlasting Spew Records and Caligari Records). Sitting somewhere between death metal, death/doom and grindcore but leaning more towards the former, Mutated Chaos reiterates the wonders that can be achieved when you fuse the genres together. Then you take that paintbrush and dip it in a clear production that does not discard whatever rawness can be heard in the music and you get a nasty but neatly presented swamp of death metal.

Mutated Chaos is a promising record if anything, it has the footing of carefully assembled recordings. Freight train chugs, sporadic devolutions into death/doom and grinding riff driven outbursts tower over the listener for the total runtime. All the tracks here leave you feeling satisfied with my personal favorite being 'Mephitic Gunk of Putrefied Limbs' that I feel could have been a bit longer. And as a note, the song writing here is quite the earworm with stronger compositions exhibited on 'Sickening Abominations Terrorizing' and 'Below the Mind of Morbidity' that find the key element to piece together the variety thus creating a wholesome effect to the songs and eventually record.

Full review of DISEMBODIMENT debut EP Mutated Chaos can be found here.


Eric - Drums
Carl - Bass, Vocals
Math - Vocals
Chris - Guitars, Vocals



Entered: 5/3/2021 8:19:29 AM