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MB Premiere: INFESTICIDE / IN OBSCURITY REVEALED full album stream

Today, in cooperation with Blood Harvest Records we're proud to present a special split EP between INFESTICIDE and IN OBSCURITY REVEALED. The CD and tape versions shall be released on August 27th while the vinyl version will follow later.

Two Mexican comrades share space within the death metal terrain to further tarnish, disrupt and devoir. Offering 2 tracks apiece on their split EP due out through Blood Harvest, these guys send you tumbling down a mountain of riffs and thunderous drums. Like a hammer to an eggshell, the impact these bands strike with is incredible and as a combined effort, the vision of devastation is amplified through the bulldozer production. A cannonball of death metal, pounding carelessly at fragility, a porous conduit transmitting hazardous fluids, 4 tracks turn all things flourishing with beauty to that of stinking decomposition. 

INFESTICIDE commands the assault with 'Putrefact Offerings' and 'Blackfire Permeate'. Crushing!!! and competent as well. And to finalize the demise, IN OBSCURITY REVEALED follow-up with 'Bloodstorm' and take a piss on the battered and bruised carrion with 'Under the Vomit Seal'. Nasty riffs from both culprits, vocals sound of hulking beasts wrestling with each other and the drumming trade deathblows without tire or wear. Not the scene you want to be caught up in the crossfire of; or, if you dare, pickup the EP August 27th, 2021. This offering will make you even more eager to check out both bands' prior material which from my understanding brings the same uncompromising audial terror.


Isaías SpeedBlosky - Guitars, Vocals
Indra - Drums
Fabrizio - Bass


A. A. - Drums
I. A. - Guitars
F. M. - Bass, Vocals
A. M. - Guitars


Entered: 8/25/2021 12:06:16 AM