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MB Premiere: MALGÖTH - 'Barbaric Onslaught'

Glory Through Savagery, the title says it all. Bestial Black Death Metal with a martial and desecrated sound attached to it. This comes from MALGÖTH now residing on the damned Iron Bonehead Productions in which seems to know no end to the list of travesties committed. The track in question, 'Barbaric Onslaught', a nasty and depraved swing of spiritual violence. A sonic assault on the forces of light through carnivorous, diabolic vocals and rummaging hammers and riffs.

Feels like I need to win the fucking lotto to keep up with all this diligent music that keeps coming from the Iron Bonehead vault, can't even get a break nowadays, it's just too consistent to keep a coin on. While Primordial Dawn was enough to keep an eye open, this one will have your eyes bulging and your ears soaked in the sweet sounds of bestiality. A must have for anyone who appreciates Canadian war metal or just black/death metal in general and by that I mean the likes of Blasphemy, Revenge, Archgoat etc, not that melodic mainstream blackened death metal shit.

We already raved about MALGÖTH's new album Glory Through Savagery and what a glorious slab of vicious war metal it is in our full review that can be found here.

Glory Through Savagery, is set for international release on October 1st, 2021 via Iron Bonehead Productions on CD and vinyl LP formats. Digital pre-orders for the album are available right now at MALGÖTH's Bandcamp page right now!


DG - Vocals
SR - Vocals
ZS - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Electronics


Entered: 9/1/2021 8:02:59 AM