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MB Premiere: DEBER - 'Decay'

It's slow, morose, lifeless and gloomy; its funeral doom. When we hear the term immediately we think Thergoton, Disbowelment, Worship, Ahab, the list goes on. Aspire To Affliction marks the first full-length requiem from DEBER hailing out of Sweden.

'Decay' being the track you hear comes with all that's expected of a band within the genre. Dark clouds, grey skies, the creeping threat of anxiety, fear and pain are dragged through the burial fields with weeping guitar leads, a despondent drum pacing and a sense of hopelessness within the lyrics and tonality. Easily an attraction for Worship supporters. Fall misery encapsulated with Aspire To Affliction that will see a release on November 5th 2021 through Personal Records.

Recorded between May 2020 and July of 2021, DEBER brought to life/death Aspire To Affliction wholly inspired by the glimmering city lights full of miserable conditions as seen from the woods of Uppsala, where the album was recorded. Those sensations are writ large here, for your imminent imbibement and ruination: this is music for your funeral.


DIE - Guitars, Organs
HCF - Drums, Vocals


Entered: 10/6/2021 8:19:36 AM