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MB Premiere: X.I.L - 'Rip & Tear' full album stream

Hailing from Texas, the trio X.I.L. offers a quite casual mixture of thrash and speed metal on Rip & Tear. They play some really catchy riffs in vein of old Megadeth or Metallica and combine this with a slight dose of Motörhead tunes, that at the end produce a very appealing debut to lend an ear. Most of the time they go full-speed in their songs but there are some exceptions like in 'Breakneck' where you can get a very cool, dirty fuck-off Rock n' Roll attitude and a lot of "Kill 'Em All"-flair.

Though there are some obvious similarities to the aforementioned bands, the album is really making fun and is not just some rip-off stuff. Even some very dark and slight aggressive Black Sabbath vibes find its way on this album, just check the beginning of 'Moonlight Mass' or in the middle of 'Equinox' (both are very cool tracks because of these surprising breaks and turns) but X.I.L. stay true to their chosen path - a very nostalgic trip back to the 80s, also from the sound!

By the way – did I say Black Sabbath? Looking at the cover, I somehow feel to become paranoid…

So if the bands mentioned are one of those you do like (and to be honest, who dosn't like them???) check out X.I.L., I guess that you won't be disappointed. I will get me a sixpack of beer right now and listen to the album again. A really good thing for a Friday evening! Cheers.

Rip & Tear is out February 25th, 2022 on Confused Records.

X.I.L is:

Austin James  - Bass, Vocals
Jordan Hoffart - Drums
Joseph Aguilar - Guitars



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