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MB Video Premiere: SIGN OF EVIL - 'Bad Trip'

Beware what you are consuming; otherwise you will end up like the guys from SIGN OF EVIL! 'Bad Trip' is a very entertaining, but also slight disturbing trip into the deepest abyss of someone's mind who should not go into public in such a shape but maybe stay at home and call an Exorcist. Directed by Sergio Mella of Ritos Blasfemos and camera by Sebastian Carozzi they did a great job with this black and white video creating a mad atmosphere.

Musically originated somewhere between old South American black metal stuff like Sarcofago or Norwegian legends Mysticum (check the vocals and distorted guitar riffs!!) and some punk stuff this is a very cool and hypnotizing track that raises the expectations for the first full-length.

Mastermind Witchfucker's joined by new drummer Thoth, and the duo's chemistry is immediate and mesmerizing. Everything about its short-length predecessor is not only taken up a notch, it's nearly maximized to overkill-type levels, but that's not the only kind of madness for SIGN OF EVIL! More chorus pedal on everything, more guitar solos everywhere, more anthems and more hypnosis and more EVIL and more ARGH!!! In fact, that chorus-pedal abuse puts Psychodelic Death in a realm almost removed from metal and into old deathrock - so sinister yet also so sexy.

This is the premiere of the first song 'Bad Trip' from the upcoming album Psychodelic Death by Chilean sickos SIGN OF EVIL coming out 20th May via Edged Circle Productions / Suicide Records Chile on tape/CD and as digital version and later this year on vinyl, pre-orders start today, on the 18th of March. Be sure to mark the release date in your calendar, there is more great to come with this album, I promise!!!


Witchfucker - vocals, guitar, bass
Thoth - drums


Entered: 3/18/2022 9:58:28 AM