MB on Spotify - March summary

Greetings fellow metalheads!

We have closed the first quarter of the year about 11 days ago and to sum it up - at least the music has been quite good. We've got some big releases, but still quite a few of them are coming up and hopefully they'll meet our expectations later this year. If not, let's hope some brand new bands are going to steal our ears and precious hours spent with our jaws dropped.

Time to start with the albums released in March and as usual we have some gems really worth checking out - Arkaik, Sanhedrin, Dark Funeral, Father Befouled, Deathspell Omega, In Aphelion, Sidious, Hellbore, Godless Truth, Cryptworm, Slægt, Kvaen, Idol of Fear and Aeviterne, just to mention the ones which got Metalbite folks' attention, but there are plenty more. As homework you obviously have to check legendary Abbath, Agathodaimon (returning after 9 years!) and sludge legends Crowbar. Deserted Fear released a solid death metal piece. I would also recommend Hath, Kuolemanlaakso and Meshuggah. But there are plenty of full-lengths, over 67 and a half minutes of fresh full-length releases under this link:

From the list of EPs released in March, obviously Kostnatění got honorable mention, other bands on our list are: Catacomb, Cobra Spell, Crown of Madness, DeathCollector, Distinguisher, Drowning the Light, Frostmoon Eclipse, Illumination, Jesus Wept, KOUTA, Ottone Pesante, Saqraruna, Snaer, Torturizer, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Vio-Lence and Werewolves. The playlist shows how you can play guitar in many different ways and requires less than 6 hours of your attention:

March also brought us some promising singles, meaning we can already hope for good larger releases later this year. The most interesting appetizers came from: Baest, Bleed from Within, The Dark Alamorte, Decapitated, Depressed Mode, Jungle Rot, Kampfar, Lord Belial, Septicflesh and Watain. But there's a lot more, all 131 tracks can be found here:

Very interesting 3 splits came out in March: Archvile King/Simulacre, Bunker 66/Hellcrash, Mystifier/Lucifer's Child. Check them out here:

Full live performances released in March are Dio - "Wings of Steel" from 1983 and Týr - "A Night at the Nordic House". Live singles have been released by Autarkh, Enslaved, Ignited, In Mourning, Solitary, Wardruna and Wesenwille. All ready for your listening pleasure under this link:

We've received some nice re-releases in March, too! Mroh re-released some singles and albums, we've got two re-releases from Nuclear Assault, including my favourite "Survive", The Obsidian Complex released an instrumental version of their last creation, OHL got some re-releases, Protest the Hero published instrumental version of "Palimpsest" and When at Night's "Weltanshauung" was also re-released. Perfect for Throwback Thursdays playlist is here:

Batushka decided to make a compilation of their EPs "IRMOS" and "PISMO" and add a new track "MARIA". The result is on our compilation playlist here:

The closing of the first quarter is looking very good, let's hope the rest of the year can keep up the good work. And since it's 11 April, some materials have already been added to our April playlists - make sure you follow our profile and keep on checking them out as soon as they're updated (usually on Fridays, obviously). Have fun listening, share with all interested and encourage your friends and family to buy merch or tickets to shows. And, as usual, mosh responsibly.


Entered: 4/12/2022 2:44:00 PM