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MB Premiere: CADAVER COILS - 'Wings As Blades'

Today, in cooperation with Iron Bonehead Productions, we are thrilled to present the opening track 'Wings As Blades' from CADAVER COILS' striking debut album, Offerings Of Rapture And Decay, out May 27th, 2022 on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Hailing from Greece, CADAVER COILS took shape on Athenian soil during the winter of 2021. The work of one mysterious man, Offerings Of Rapture And Decay is the band's first recording, right after its formation. Sublimely simple and straightforward, CADAVER COILS don't pretend to be anything they're not nor try to "progress" anything that doesn't need progressing in the first place. Rather, this pure 'n' proud old-school death metal, suffused with the stench of doom and blackened with an atmosphere most sinister. Across the six-song/37-minute album, the intention of violence is obvious; so is the black aura surrounding it, slowly inhaled to the lungs. It's gnarly and physical in all the best ways, and emboldened by big 'n' thick production which highlights that grimy physicality. Not to mention the tasteful inclusion of wailing-into-the-abyss leads, which further makes Offerings Of Rapture And Decay a sulfurous spin...

Those who pray at the black altar of Finland's Mythos or especially contemporaneous Belial or even equally early Obsecration are wholeheartedly encouraged to partake of these Offerings Of Rapture And Decay and begin ensnaring themselves in CADAVER COILS.




Entered: 4/29/2022 12:15:46 AM