MB on Spotify - January summary

Greetings fellow metalheads!

The time is recently going a bit too fast for me and before I noticed it was already end of January. But that just means that I had a very good time and even if my timing with delivering regular updates on latest releases is way off, I can definitely tell you the playlists on our profile on Spotify are finally up to date.

So, time to mention the most interesting releases from the first month of the year and plenty of them have really grabbed my ears. Metalbite crew have mentioned some of the albums which are available on Spotify and they're: Re-Buried, Prognan, Oak Pantheon, ...and Oceans (one of my favourites), Høstsol, Leper Colony, Inherits The Void, Atrocity, Crom, Superterrestial, Obituary, Azgaroth, Screamer, The Lightbringer of Sweden, Malice Divine, Ominous Scriptures, Ahab, Imperium Dekadenz, Tribunal, Katatonia, Conjureth, Nothingness, Schavot and Thy Darkened Shade. I would definitely add Grá (really brings me back to good old Hypocrisy albums) and Sagen (yep, I'm still into deathcore) and third release from Walg (nice melodic black metal). Anyways, if you were not aware of the amount of good albums which came out in January you can catch up following the link below:

I've noticed some increase in the amounts of EPs being recently released and from bands which I like. And EPs released in January came from Ablaze My Sorrow, Acherontia Styx, Ars Nocturna, Ashen Tomb, Black Magik, Bloody Falls, Crawl Below, Drowning The Light (two EPs), Enslaved, Finrir, Massacred, Mercic, Mutagenic Host, Ornamentos Del Miedo, Sabaton, Varmia and Сатано (or Satano if your keyboard doesn't like Cyrillic). All of them are available to listen here:

Plenty of good singles also have been released in January, which always makes me excited about upcoming albums or EPs and I've definitely enjoyed new sounds from ACOD, Chronicle, Enterprise Earth, Flub, Graveworm and Tulus sounds promising. But obviously we have a lot more on our playlist - Avatar (with Lzzy Hale), Bizarrekult, Delain, Depravation, Ghost (collaboration with Def Leppard's Joe Elliott), Ihsahn, Imperium Dekadenz, In Flames, Insomnium, Katatonia, Marianas Rest, Memoriam, Nightfall, Osiah, Overkill, Promethee, Prong, Sadist, Saxon, Tribulation, Tygers of Pan Tang, Viscera and even more. Jump in and get hyped:

The split list includes only one collaboration in January - Vesication and Gland. Not a lot, but still if you want to spend almost 22 minutes ruining your neighbours' afternoon or arrange a poetry reading evening with a twist - here's your source material:

The list of live releases in January is also short, not sure if sweet, too, but the bands listed are Madrost, Drowned and Okrütnik. Join the crowd and start random moshpits on your way to work (or back from work, whichever is safer for crowdsurfing and stage dives) and put on the appropriate soundtrack:

We also had some oldies which were refreshed for January release and they came from Aldaaron, Animalize, Cult of Luna, Dark Mirror ov Tragedy, Dismember (a collection of demos), Enforcer, Toxik and Whalesong:

Obviously if you want to catch up with the December releases, jump on the playlists on our profile, keep en eye on February playlists (already some interesting stuff there) and don't forget to share good finds, let the artists know you appreciate their creations and always mosh responsibly \m/


Entered: 2/10/2023 1:21:18 PM