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MB Premiere: HELLCRASH - 'Serpent Skullfuck'

Today, in cooperation with Dying Victims Productions, we are thrilled to present the new track 'Serpent Skullfuck' from HELLCRASH's highly anticipated second album, Demonic Assassination.

From the fiery depths of Acheron, Italy's black/speed metal trio HELLCRASH is returning two years after the release of the debut full-length album Krvcifix Invertör, bloodier and angrier than ever. Their second full-length Demonic Assassinatiön is on its way, set to be released on March 24th 2023 via Dying Victims Productions. They've already released a first single 'Okkvlthammer' on January 4th, and today we present yet another dose of evil riffing in the style of Venom and Desaster with a new track called 'Serpent Skullfuck'.

Still sick, still sleazy, and definitely still crude & rude, HELLCRASH are firing on all cylinders here, and not just the old ones. Demonic Assassination is equally recommended for maniacs of later GBH, Carnivore, Warfare, Crumbsuckers, and contemporaries Children of Technology.

Demonic Assassination will be released by Dying Victims Productions on March 24th, 2023 on CD, cassette and vinyl LP formats.


Hellraiser - Vocals, Guitars
Skullcrusher - Bass
Nightkiller - Drums


Entered: 3/1/2023 5:32:33 AM