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MB Premiere: MUSKEG CHARNEL - 'Decomposition Part 3: Rigor Mortis' full album stream

Curtain up for MUSKEG CHARNEL, who release with Decomposition Part 3: Rigor Mortis their third work via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on May 5th. While the label is known for rotten, decaying death metal albums, "Decomposition Part 3" is more of an interesting mix of various black metal styles, such as traditional black metal or DSBM. The album tends to go more in the Scandinavian direction, so here and there influences such as Marduk, Shining or Burzum or even some war metal tunes similar to the maniacs of Archgoat like in 'Infinite Void' shine through, but are mixed with some gloomy ambient tones and bring some relaxation into the often very fast and partly pretty raw album.

Here and there are also some vile death metal or spoken words vocals used, which then also vocally suit the title and properly crack the rotting bones and let the maggots turn an extra round through the decaying body. Yummy!

If you like varied and very catchy black metal, you should definitely listen to Decomposition Part 3, it's definitely worth it. A morbid journey into darkness, death and disease for fans of Carpathian Forest, Clandestine Blaze, Dark Funeral, Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Grave, Hate Forest, Horna, Inquisition, Judas Iscariot, Leviathan, Sargeist and Unleashed.


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Entered: 5/1/2023 6:36:58 AM