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Live update from Gwint Club April 22, 2023 Białystok - Poland

April 22, 2023 Vile Nilotic Rites Tour reached Białystok Gwint Club. The musical massacre was started by the quintet - CONFESS, which started its musical adventure in Iran and after political turmoil found its way to Norway. After half an hour of thrash-groove-core chaff, a quartet from the states took to the stage. VAPOR, with his simple yet energetic thrash, raised the temperature among the audience even more.

The real massacre was initiated by the Swiss - OMOPHAGIA. Their technical death metal drew crowds to the stage. These guitar cavalcades and drumming storms heralded the coming of the only true gods. Everyone already knew what awaited them as soon as he survived this carnage. However, I have to admit that the performance of the Swiss was undeniably enjoyed by yours truly.

After a short break and replenishing fluids giving the power to survive this final battle, the scene was taken over by the worshipers of the ancient obscura. NILE hit Europe with Sanders, Kollias, Guillen and Eames. For the first time I saw this death metal machine in this lineup. The youthful energy of Guillen and Eames just exploded on stage and then spread to the fans gathered in front of the stage.

I've already seen a few of NILE's concerts and it was NILE who indicated that the hellfire still burns in their veins. Only the sound system limitations of the club slightly diminished this musical feast, but I encourage you to feel the rejuvenated power of the Americans.









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Entered: 5/3/2023 4:45:39 PM