MB on Spotify - April summary

Greetings fellow metalheads!

I have to admit, April gave us quite a lot to listen to and some of these are just things you have to at least try. It's your homework. Although since it's more in the area of extracurricular activities, you can get the credit for just showing up. So go on, check if any of the names I mention grab your attention, if not you can always browse the full playlist and maybe find something that will become a contender to the list of your favourites in 2023.

Last month we got a really interesting mixture of names and styles among the full releases. Stillbirth, SaviorSkin, Raider, Born Through Fire, Overkill, Metallica, Holy Moses, Dødheimsgard, Ulvedharr (this one got my attention), Lucifuge, and three more of my favourites: Graveworm, Fires in the Distance and Predatory Void are just the ones that jumped at me, but I'm sure I still have more gems to discover. Join me in going through this filth to find the filthiest stuff. Yep, I'm not looking for "sick" riffs, I need "filthy" riffs. Or growls. Or shrieks. Or blasts. Or solos. Anyways, here's the link:

Now, for the EPs, the releases which probably have the least rules. It can be 2 tracks, it can be 7 tracks. It can have new material, it can have covers, or old B-Sides, or live tracks. Who knows? Are you brave enough to find out? Last month we got EPs from All Hell, Atarka, Extermination Order, Fiat Nox, Fleshrot, Hyrgal, Imperial Demonic, Khemmis, Lucifer's Fall, Maudiir, The Medea Project, MMXX, Nightside, Ossaert, Pestifer, Raat, Sabaton, Sijjeel, Tribulation, Vömitt and something I wasn't sure where to put, maybe it should be in splits, nevertheless still worth your attention - The Depression Sessions with Fit for an Autopsy, Thy Art is Murder and Malevolence. Enjoy!

Next on the list are the splits, short list as usual, we've got Thecondontion/Ceremented, Lipoma/Petiot, Slugcrust/Swamp and Azaghal/Black Faith. The "best buddies" playlist is available here:

The "best of" compilation, consisting of tracks which would probably make it to the promo CD added to metal magazine, but a digital, 183-track long version from April is making me very curious about some of the upcoming bigger releases. Unearth, Extermination Dismemberment, Varmia, Gloryhammer, Panzerchrist, Aodon, covers done by Ghost and Omnium Gatherum, you can find Matt Heafy in couple of singles, Kvelertak, Dorthia Cottrell (from Windhand), DevilDriver, Vomitory, Signs of the Swarm, Valletta, Mental Cruelty, Aetherian, Sirenia, Gamma Sector, DIETH, Immortal, Frantic Amber, Metal Church and Corrosion of Conformity are just some of them, but you can find more right here:

The list with live performances has 2 tracks from Ancient Thrones, full album from Car Bomb, same from Cradle of Filth, "Heritage" track from Distant, two tracks from Imperial Age, live album from Infected Rain, Massacre, live singles from Motorhead and No Coffin, full length from Noxis, two tracks from Rebellion and 3-track live EP from Rivers of Nihil. Start practicing for the festival season with the list below:

We obviously have some refreshed older releases, as we recently discovered, some of them are just digital, not necessarily followed by physical reprints. Either way, it's sometimes good to go back to some older positions in some band's back catalogue and hear them with a fresh ear to sometimes discover something you haven't heard before. Here's your chance to give another chance to Anguish, Black Knife, Black Sabbath, Concrete, Cynic, Deiquisitor, Fury, HammerFall, Misery Index, Mortajas, Osiah, Sardonic Witchery, Septicflesh, Sorcier Des Glaces, Valtari and Vananidr:

And last playlist from April is the list with compilations. There are only two bands, but definitely interesting positions - Powerwolf and their "Interludium" release and The Crown, who brought us back the first two releases - "The Burning" and "Eternal Death" - composed when the band was still called Crown of Thorns.

Thank you for reading this update and apologies if you reached this part only because you couldn't find anything interesting in the links above. You can always check out the Metalbite profile on Spotify and see if maybe some other months have some interesting positions for you. We already have some interesting sounds on our May playlist, so keep an eye on them and I'll do my best to update them on a regular basis.

Obviously don't forget to share your favourites with other metalheads, make your favourites aware they're your favourites, buy some merch and remember to mosh responsibly. \m/


Entered: 5/11/2023 5:19:53 PM