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Live Review - Pentagram, Dun Ringill - Junkyard Dortmund - 08/08/23

I was pretty excited about seeing Pentagram for the first time and I guess many other metalheads were too. Otherwise I cannot explain the fact that the Junkyard was pretty much packed that evening, especially when you consider the fact that it was during the week so most of the people had to go to work the next morning. But I have to mention that this location really has done a great job with metal gigs in the past and considering their professionalism the future shows will be great too. Thankfully the show wasn't planned outside since it started pouring when Pentagram still played their show (and it didn't stop until the next morning).

As opener the Swedish guys from Dun Ringill entered the stage at 8 PM and did a very good job. Just having released their latest album “Where The Old Gods Play – Act 1" they focused mainly on that release, only the two last songs in their set were taken from their first two albums. I was pretty surprised how many people in the crowd knew their stuff because I discovered them only a few weeks ago when I got their latest album as a promo. Playing a nice mixture between traditional Swedish doom and some more folky stuff they were very convincing and I wouldn't be surprised if they have some bigger success in the future.


After this the celebration of the 53rd(!) band anniversary for Pentagram began. Apart from this the return of their guitarist Victor Griffin gave even more reason to cheer with the band. Starting with some good old classics the crowd was hypnotized from the first song on. 'Sign Of The Wolf (Pentagram)' my personal favorite song came much too early and with it many people totally freaked out with slam-dancing and all the stuff. One thing I will never understand is why people feel the urge to smoke dope or cigarettes in a hall where smoking is strictly prohibited and don't give a fuck about other people standing around them. But coming back to the show - vocalist Bobby Liebling reminded me a little bit of a drug-driven Salvador Dalí-reincarnation and did a very cool stage acting. Always playing the slightly insane witcher with a lot of grimaces and gestures he was the most entertaining person of the evening. The band played a fantastic show that evening which I will remember for a long time for sure and there is only hope that they can keep it up at this high level for some more years and maybe do another album. I mean Curious Volume which is their latest one is already 8 years old…

Setlist: 'Death Row' / 'All Your Sins' / 'Run My Course' / 'The Ghoul' / 'Sign Of The Wolf (Pentagram)' / 'Sinister' / 'Be Forewarned' / 'When The Screams Come' / 'Dying World' / 'Devil's Playground' / 'Relentless' / 'Broken Vows' / 'Last Days Here' / 'Wartime' / 'Forever My Queen'

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