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MB Premiere: HELLEVAERDER - 'In Mijn Hand Werd Zij As'

With the arrival of September, the forthcoming coldness and sorrow are inevitable, just as black metal in this somber season when the branches dry, leaves crumble and fall like ashes. And today, we premiere a frigid new track by Hellevaerder called 'In Mijn Hand Werd Zij As'. Dutch black metal as you would expect! This track will be found on their upcoming split album Verloren Vertellingen that's due to be released on October 13th in limited edition 12" vinyl, which will feature songs from three other Dutch black metal bands: Duindwaler, Schavot and Asgrauw. All four bands will surely conquer the Netherlands black metal underground, so beware as their banners march quickly towards you. Be on the lookout when this is released, for it is an ideal serenade of occult black metal that speaks of the impending doom that awaits us.

Deep screams from the depths of the underworld, blast beats from hell and melody lines that tear your soul apart. The abyss gets deeper and deeper with Hellevaerder's 6th release. After the well-received In De Nevel Van Afgunst in 2022, it is time for the next chapter in the book of eternity.

Verloren Vertellingen will be released by Zwaertgevegt on October 13th, 2023 on limited 12" black (97 copies) and grey (100 copies) vinyl so, get your copy right now here.


Miranda Visser – vocals
Arjen Kleiss – guitar
Bas Cuperus – guitar
Luuk Steemers – bass
Daan Bleumink - drums



Entered: 9/13/2023 2:42:50 AM
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