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Live update from VooDoo Club, October 25, 2023 Warsaw, Poland

A Part of Worlds Beyond All Reckoning Europe 2023.

At the VooDoo Club in Warsaw, we experienced one of the three parts of the Polish Worlds Beyond All Reckoning Europe 2023 tour, in which Europe was blackened by PANZERFAUST and AFSKY, and the Polish part was joined by ABOVE AURORA.

ABOVE AURORA opened the evening and although I entered the club a little late (which I still regret very much) I can confidently say that they put on a great show. Besides, if someone was familiar with their releases, especially The Shrine Of Deterioration, they could predict the quality of the performance. I was completely satisfied, even insatiable, with the work of guys from Poznań. I love this form of black metal, for which I thanked the band after their performance.

The second part of that triptych were the Danes from AFSKY. Before their performance, I was quite skeptical, because although I could recently listen to their latest release - Om Hundrede År, they did not convince me with their vision of black metal. I was hugely surprised of how the perception of music changes with the change of surroundings. Their stage spontaneity almost magnetically drew people to the stage, and the skeptical me didn't even notice when I started banging my head to the rhythms they were playing.

The time for PANZERFAUST was there. It was for them that I traveled 250 km. It was to see them and to compare the publishing phenomenon with the concert phenomenon. When the interior of the VooDoo Club was blackened and the first sounds from the first chapter of The Suns Of Perdition reached my ears, I knew that I may not leave this club alive. I have no idea how they do it but they can raise fantastic music to an even higher level. The devil himself must have had his stinking fingers in this. It was extremely difficult for me to stay still enough to record a few fragments of this musical spectacle. Finally, I can tell you that after leaving the stage, the guests completely lose their hellish brutality and are even ready to show you around the nooks and crannies of the stage and beyond, not to mention signing the purchased gadgets. So, completely deprived of life juices, I had to return home.


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Entered: 11/10/2023 9:52:53 AM