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MB Premiere: SAEVUS FINIS - 'Overrun By Pests'

Portugal's SAEVUS FINIS are dropping one more single before they unveil their debut album, Facilis Descensus Averno out January 12 on Transcending Obscurity Records, and we've got the exclusive premiere here at MetalBite!

Members have some connections with established bands such as tech-death act Concealment and post-metal group Wells Valley - but comparing SAEVUS FINIS to either of them is a futile task because there are little to no musical similarities. This is a new force in dissonant death metal, and based on the strength of this, their first album, they'll be turning heads for years to come.

Right off the bat - this album is THICK. The production is great, rumbling dissonance and rubbery bass tone combine to create a sound with the weight of a cinderblock. It's reminiscent of the weighted tension of Mors Verum with the foreboding oppressiveness of Sepulcros. Angular, incisive riffing drags the song forward, dancing around your nerves until you're forced to pay complete attention. The death metal sections have a turgid viscosity but always remain active, never fully slowing to a crawling pace as the drums continue to carry songs forward, and then surges in energy are created with Deathspell Omega-esque black metal sections, providing additional contrast and cohesion.

'Overrun By Pests', the song we're revealing for you today, is right in the middle of the album. By this point in the listening experience you're already hooked into the SAEVUS FINIS sound, and the band uses careful restraint on this track to make the dissonance more effective. While there's a deliberateness to the pacing, it's no ballad - the double kick rolls on in the background and the songs move forward at a steady pace, but the band uses the extra space in the song to play with confounding chord shapes and abrasive tones while still retaining a certain level of musicality the entire time. This isn't quite at the level of entropy you'd hear from Plague Rider or Akhlys, the hints of experimentation in a meticulously composed framework is much more similar to Italian dissodealers Ad Nauseam. It's borderline anxiety inducing - so why do I just want to listen over and over again?

SAEVUS FINIS is recommended for fans of Immolation, Burial Hordes, Incantation, Morbid Angel, Viande and Maere


Mortvorvm - Chants of torment and mortuary clamours
Sangvis Aestvs - Ripper of bones and flesh
MCMXII - Patterns of bodily destruction


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