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MB Premiere and Review: SOULCARRION - "Enthrone Death" full album stream

Today, in cooperation with Godz Ov War Productions, we are thrilled to premiere the SOULCARRION's second full-length album Enthrone Death, due to be released on January 26th, 2024 on CD and digital formats.

SoulCarrion provides a very dark and wicked death metal performance that was previously showcased on their self-titled EP. This beast is a very putrid pile of wicked tremolo picking riffs, blast beats, deep guttural vocals, which are all very transitional in the death metal sense, however the great aspect of it being the fact that they convey a brooding satanic atmosphere. The seventh track 'Deathoskullum' is perhaps where it's the most atmospheric than the rest of the album, where the instrumental work heavily relies on conveying eeriness, morbidity and an ominous feeling of evil presence. Aside from the atmosphere playing a big role in SoulCarrion's music, the greatest aspect of their songs is predominantly brutality. The brutality of their songs lies heavily within the growls, brutal guitar riffs and incredible drumming, however the credit also goes to the violent guitar solos that truly elevate this death metal extravaganza. During the entire album, you'll get this feeling as if you're being transcended into oblivion, even the fifth track exactly titled 'Oblivion' gives just that kind of vibe. The album even ends on a high note with the closing track 'World Of Putridity' which really gives you the impression like you have just gone through one horrifying Lovecraftian nightmare that has come to an end and then you suddenly wake up. 

The songwriting is very focused and well-thought-out, despite the fact that this is a very traditional death metal approach like any other. The strength and the stylistic consistency of this album lasts from one song to another, and it keeps your attention going at all times. The album has that bestial-like quality to it, especially with the black and white cover art with red logo and title, done by the polish artist Maciej Kamuda, who truly understood the source material and thus managed to convey exactly the kind of vibe that this album radiates. Same as last time, the production is very well balanced with an incredibly heavy and top-notch sound for a death metal album.

I had no doubts that the new SoulCarrion album would truly work out so well in the end, because Enthrone Death is truly a work of art that encapsulates all the essential points of oldschool death metal. The self-titled EP from last year was but a glimpse of what was to come and take shape on this album, and I can say that no effort went to waste, certainly not with all these sick tunes. If you haven't checked out SoulCarrion yet, make sure you give this album a go, because a beast of an album such as this should not be missed at any cost.


Greg - Guitars
Michał - Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming


Entered: 1/24/2024 6:26:39 AM
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