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ASTAROTH INCARNATE Reveal Lyric Video for 'Curse Of The Black Plague'

Toronto blackened/extreme metallers ASTAROTH INCARNATE have released a lyric video for the brand new track, entitled 'Curse Of The Black Plague'. The song is pulled from their forthcoming album Omnipotence - The Infinite Darkness, set to drop September 8th, 2017 via CDN Records.

Frontman ASTAROTH had this to say about the track: "Curse of the Black Plague defines the meaning of our album 'Omnipotence - The Infinite Darkness'. The meaning stands for Darkness being the most powerful entity in all of existence. It is indestructible and everlasting. Its shadows manifest inside all living beings. One can choose to cower away and hide under the protection of light but ultimately, everything must return to Darkness. Therefore, one must understand the importance of grasping this concept and embracing the Darkness that flows within"


Astaroth Incarnate - Omnipotence - The Infinite Darkness

Astaroth Incarnate - Omnipotence - The Infinite Darkness

Curse Of The Black Plague
Sanctum Of Torment
Entered: 9/1/2017 12:08:25 PM