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Review:14Jan2022GRIEVE - Funeral

GRIEVE - Funeral

Finland being a very fertile breeding ground for metal is no secret, and alongside young and hungry bands, there’s also a lot of...

Review:11Jan2022CMPT - Krv I Pepeo

CMPT - Krv I Pepeo

First of all, let me start with a meterological finding. This new force from Serbia has chosen the right season for the release...

Review:10Jan2022TONY MARTIN - Thorns


It took 17 long years for Tony Martin to release his follow-up solo album to Scream. I have to say that I was pretty surprised to...

Review:8Jan2022AQUILUS - Bellum I

AQUILUS - Bellum I

I was unfamiliar with Aussie progressive metallers Aquilus prior to this month, their evidently well-regarded 2011 debut Griseus...