Chronicles FranceCountry Of Origin: France
Idensity - Chronicles

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Over The Abyss
Sekhmet  Video
The Seven Seals

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: October 28th, 2013
Label: Send The Wood Music
Categories: Death, Melodic, Progressive

MetalBite Review by Tomek on 1/18/2014
France strikes again - I thought to myself after listening to newest album of Idensity called Chronicles. After watching video to the song ďSekhmetĒ, I knew I needed to hear the whole album. It felt like something that Iíve missed for a long time finally reappeared. I felt like I found something that could be my next affection and I was right. I very much like being right. Timing was also just right and even though the album needed a few spins to open up for me it, the satisfaction it gave me is simply immense.

Chronicles are labeled as melodic progressive death but there is so much more to it. Death metal is a starting point with the aggressive sound of guitars, intense drumming, rumble of the bass and growling, but it is what happens around the main body itís what makes this album such a great or should I dare to say grand composition. It is a mixture of many extra elements that are not just added to the main entity but are the one itself. Songs contain additions of different instruments and they create themes that work together to build the atmosphere and intensify the magnitude of this opus. I love every note on this album and cannot get enough of the middle-eastern melodies, female singing or spoken parts that sound like theyíre from ancient times. I listen to the album and hear piano and orchestral parts being a part of melodic death metal and sounding like one could not exist without the other. Letís not forget the violins that bring the whole experience to a new level with incredible and moving melodies. The base of the music is a death metal; melodic, progressive however we label or describe this, it takes a huge part in the whole composition but with the elements that I mentioned it becomes absolute force. I also have to mention vocal department to finalize my praise. Deep growl, clean singing (male or female or combined), spoken passages or screams are a huge factor in this recording and widen the range of Idensity quite tremendously. All those elements would not be making any marks if it wasnít for the production on the album. Quality of the recording and mix of all instruments is remarkable, and with so much going on and the tempo of most of the songs everything is clear and sounds breathtaking. If that is not enough album starts to open up after few listens and continues to do so with every next one giving out a little more than the one before.

Chronicles is one of the best albums Iíve heard in 2013. Idensity is one of the most talented bands Iíve heard in 2013. Theyíve created the album that is so astounding and so unique that it scares me to think what they will do next. On the other hand - I like to get scared and I cannot wait for their new release, but before that happens Iím gonna listen to Chronicles few more times. You should too!

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 9
Atmosphere: 9
Production: 9
Originality: 9
Overall: 9

Rating: 9 out of 10