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Mystic Places Of Dawn

Greece Country of Origin: Greece

Mystic Places Of Dawn
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Atmospheric, Death
2. Pale Beauty Of The Past
3. Return To Carthage
4. Crescent Moon
5. Chasing The Chimera
6. The Underwater Garden
7. Behind The Iron Mask
8. (Morpheus) The Dreamlord
9. Mythos (Part 1: Elegy – Part 2: Time Unbounded)
10. Erebus (Bonus Track)
11. Another Reality (Bonus Track)
12. Temple Of The Lost Race (Bonus Track)
13. Setting Of The Two Suns (Bonus Track)

Review by Adam M on April 21, 2013.

Before the endless classical influence took over, Septic Flesh still had a reasonable experimental nature to them. That is displayed on this particular release, "Mystic Places Of Dawn", which carries forth the epic nature of the riffs that empower the soul very effectively.

The sort of ancient history vibe that the band carries forward gives them a distinctive personality within the metal genre and assures they won’t be compared to closely to other bands. Fans of Hollenthon might find interest in the classical nature of some of these songs, even though they’re not as noticeable as on their most recent albums. The manner the band structures their songs give them a good impact. The infusion of different elements into their sound showed them to be an up and coming band even at this early stage of their development. The riffs here are all strong and upfront which leads one to believe it would be the classical elements that would show the most evolution later on. There are tracks towards the end of the album that show a need to utilize more classical instrumentation, but the proceedings are kept fairly straightforward regardless. "The Great Mass" takes more of a modern sound to this album, which sounds more rooted in Death Metal, despite the use of things like keys on the track 'The Underwater Garden' or '(Morpheus) The Dreamlord'. There is enough variety here to warrant the re-visiting of their early material.

Fans of the recent material of the band might want to know this band began and they will be welcomed with a very solid album indeed. Those with a greater mind for experimentation will want to check out every nook and cranny of the rest of their discography.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 8
Atmosphere: 8.5
Production: 7.5
Originality: 8
Overall: 8

Rating: 8 out of 10