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Satanic Masowhore

Finland Country of Origin: Finland

1. Satanic Masowhore
2. Conned Thru Life (Diabolic Penis Mix) (Extreme Noise Terror Cover)

Review by Felix on September 24, 2019.

When I started writing, I could not imagine reaching the 1.000 reviews mark. But as it became clear that it was possible to achieve this milestone, one thing was out of question: I had to honor myself with a very opulent output for this equally opulent number. So here is the bombastic, megalomaniac, exorbitantly gargantuan record that I proudly present: Satanic Masowhore (playtime: 200 seconds).

We know that Venom's early lyrics were full of strange women. They introduced "Countess Bathory" to the global metal scene, they were familiar with "Lady Lust" and they were always surrounded by "Women, Leather and Hell". But here the Finnish brigade of perverts strikes back in a merciless way. The fury of the Satanic Masowhore is on an equal footing with that of the lustful Lady and even some guys appear in the lyrics. The line "Necromayhemic gays, centuries ago they died" delivers an interesting information, doesn't it?

However, Impaled Nazarene aim for total chaos and destruction and this vinyl marks the border between music and noise. The title track begins more or less normally with some flattening, triumphant chords, but it does not take long until a fast rhythm supports the crude leads. The lead vocalist screams his strange lyrics with a deep voice. No solos, no frills, no gimmicks. The song almost ends before it has begun - and it ends, of course, with an explosion. Nevertheless, this can be classified as a song. The B side shows a less clear picture. Here we have absolutely crazy, unnaturally distorted and high-pitched vocals and the instrumentalists also present only total chaos; hyper-fast drumming and a sound cloud of guitars and bass. Yes, there is a basic structure, nevertheless, I am just listening to an overdose of noise. Somehow great noise, but noise.

Outputs like Satanic Masowhore offered pure nonconformity and made clear that the nineties could be interesting, even though thrash metal was in a comatose state. Everybody realized that there was still a lot of extreme music to discover. In 2018, the whore celebrated its 25th birthday. She is still a (somewhat strange) beauty and all I can say is: time flies. Even these 200 seconds have already passed by. And, allow me this self-reflection, I have written all these reviews instead of using my time in a more reasonable way. Maybe it's time to have a break.

Rating: 9 out of 10