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Antichrist Militia

Finland Country of Origin: Finland

1. Doom Cult Legion
3. Iron Front
4. Venom & Salt
5. Mouths Of War
6. Machinegun Blasphemy

Review by Alex on June 3, 2020.

Painting the skies with a smoky haze and scarring the ground with an explosive assault of miserable black/death metal tones, the q-(u)war-tet behind the artillery are called to duty once again, this time with an ep titled Antichrist Militia. Look at that cover artwork, a fucking tank, skulls and goat-men wielding heavy machinery, surely you don't expect to hear love songs, only a barrage of obnoxious riffing, vocals and drums. Roughneck ravishing hymns of hate and blood-fueled anger, an over-spill of contempt and weaponized devastation; lace up your combat-boots or run and hide like a bitch. Either way, there's no safe-space available and if there were, Antichrist Militia promises with oath-like commitment that you'd be flushed out like rodents from them.

War and metal, they bond like radiation and nuclear strikes, can't have one without the other; 'Doom Cult Legion' makes it no secret what awaits just past it's bullet-riddled declaration. Heed the warning or not, you won't survive the decimation at hand as 'Antichrist Militia' emerges with a charging fury of relentless riffs, brawling vocals, demolishing drums and cyborg growls inaugurating the commencement. Risen from slumber to arrive at it's coronation of destruction, the panic is ensued with glorification of the traditional war metal blast beat, steered by sirening and chainsaw-esque guitar tones. A Tiger tank of grinding violence wave after wave.

Pouring salt on the wounds of decimated enemies, 'Venom Salt' is tossed like seasoning to raw meat, this time taking the pace down to marinate the effect, nevertheless maintaining the intensity as you're smeared across the battlefield only to be washed-down and mopped-up slowly with the groove driven 'Mouths of War'. No Front vocals here, no need for them anyway, instead the excerpts of notorious dialogue, chants and cheers are provided to feed the track title. And in its final act of desecration, 'Machinegun Blasphemy' lands the deathblow with dead-eye precision as the final bullets strike the commander of the enemy faction in the face. If you like Anesthetic Vapor, Flesh Consumed in Battle or even Panzer Division Marduk, chances are you more than like Antichrist Militia. Get ready or get raped!

Rating: 8.4 out of 10