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MB Premiere and Interview: FRONT - 'Antichrist Militia' full album stream

Painting the skies with a smoky haze and scarring the ground with an explosive assault of miserable black/death metal tones, the q-(u)war-tet behind the artillery are called to duty once again, this time with an EP titled "Antichrist Militia", out on June 5th, 2020 via Iron Bonehead Productions.

Look at that cover artwork, a fucking tank, skulls and goat-men wielding heavy machinery, surely you don't expect to hear love songs, only a barrage of obnoxious riffing, vocals and drums. Roughneck ravishing hymns of hate and blood-fueled anger, an over-spill of contempt and weaponized devastation; lace up your combat-boots or run and hide like a bitch. Either way, there's no safe-space available and if there were, FRONT's "Antichrist Militia" promises with oath-like commitment that you'd be flushed out like rodents from them.

A true embodiment of the sonic warscape that is black/death/thrash metal, most supporters of the format will appreciate upon first listen. Squadmates Von Bastard (guitars & backing vocals) and Kaosbringer (vocals) took some time way from the machine-gun turrets to share their thoughts on "Antichrist Militia" and some problematic things surrounding the medium known as black/death metal.

What was the mood like heading into and during the recording process of the EP?

Von Bastard: The collective mood was very energetic, focused like a laser beam. You could almost bite the testosterone oozing in the air at our recording studio. We had many setbacks during the whole process, but nothing couldn't prevent this beast to be unleashed.

Kaosbringer: One word: Attack!!!

What does the artwork on the EP represent or try to express from the band's perspective?

Von Bastard: It's a promise of what to expect from the record. It's the landscape of the first song.

It seems that with the progression of time metal as a whole is becoming a safe-space, steadily removing its uncensored frame. What are your thoughts on this?

Von Bastard: Fuck safe-spaces, fuck censorship! Grown up people should have the right to choose what is good for them and what is not. We have a recent experience of this our own. We had an online stream of a song from our new record and the very owner of the zine took it down very quickly. We, and the journal who made the streaming, never got any further explanation but that we are a "sketchy" looking band. They couldn't pin-point anything what was so dangerous in our band. With this they took parenting of every and each one of you in their hands, they chose on behalf of you that it's better for you to not listen to us. They tell you that we are bad for you. This is the world of "extremely extreme" metal zine today. He can put his "sketchy" parenting in his pipe and smoke it.

What are your thoughts on mixing politics in black/death metal?

Von Bastard: Not for everyone. But especially in black metal. Core and foundation of black metal is about Satan & satanism, otherwise it just simply isn't black metal, period. Today there are parasite people in "black metal" bands just for the music, gigs and all the secondary things, not because of ideology. Must be because these people think with delusion that it is their "politically correct" right for each and everyone to be in black metal band, hah! If these people should have any backbone, they should with honest call their music pseudo black metal, or something, but not black metal.

What are some of the things you hate the most in extreme metal?

Von Bastard: I don't know. Labeling perhaps. Some people categorize for example Stratovarius as extreme metal. I don't want to be in a same category with them. But this is more a fault of the idiotic people who do these categorizings, not bands nor extreme metals fault.

Kaosbringer: "Extreme". People generally don't have a fukken clue what that is nowadays!!!

Full interview can be found here.


Von Bastard - guitars & backing vocals
Kaosbringer - vocals
Meister F - bass & backing vocals
Revenant - drums & backing vocals


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