Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media   Puncturing The Grotesque EP 2017

Media Review   Skull Grinder EP 2015

Media   Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves Full-Length 2014

  Introducing Autopsy Compilation 2013

  The Headless Ritual Full-Length 2013

  All Tomorrow's Funerals Compilation 2012

  Born Undead (Video/DVD) DVD 2012

  Macabre Eternal Full-Length 2011

  Awakened By Gore Compilation 2010

  The Tomb Within EP 2010

  Horrific Obsession Single 2009

  Dark Crusades (Video/DVD) DVD 2006

  Dead As Fuck Live 2004

  Torn From The Grave Compilation 2001

  Ridden With Disease Compilation 2000

  Shitfun Full-Length 1995

  Acts Of The Unspeakable Full-Length 1992

  Fiend For Blood EP 1992

  Mental Funeral Full-Length 1991

  Retribution For The Dead EP 1991

  Severed Survival Full-Length 1989

Total Albums: 21