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Genre: Gothic, Melodic, Symphonic

Netherlands Country of Origin: Netherlands

Bleed Out Bleed Out Full-Length 2023
Resist Resist Full-Length 2019
The Three Goddesses The Three Goddesses Split 2014
Hydra Hydra Full-Length 2014
Paradise (What About Us?) Paradise (What About Us?) EP 2013
The Q-Music Sessions The Q-Music Sessions Full-Length 2013
The Unforgiving The Unforgiving Full-Length 2011
An Acoustic Night At The Theatre An Acoustic Night At The Theatre Live 2009
Utopia Utopia Single 2009
Black Symphony Black Symphony DVD 2008
Black Symphony Black Symphony Live 2008
Forgiven Forgiven Single 2008
All I Need All I Need Single 2007
Frozen Frozen Single 2007
The Heart Of Everything The Heart Of Everything Full-Length 2007
The Silent Force The Silent Force Full-Length 2004
Mother Earth Mother Earth Full-Length 2000
The Dance The Dance EP 1998
Enter Enter Full-Length 1997