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Genre: Power

United States Country of Origin: United States

The Awakening The Awakening Full-Length 2023
The Shadow Theory The Shadow Theory Full-Length 2018
Haven Haven Full-Length 2015
Silverthorn Silverthorn Full-Length 2012
Poetry For The Poisoned Poetry For The Poisoned Full-Length 2010
Ghost Opera Ghost Opera Full-Length 2007
Myths & Legends Of Kamelot Myths & Legends Of Kamelot Compilation 2007
One Cold Winter One Cold Winter's Night DVD 2006
One Cold Winter One Cold Winter's Night Live 2006
The Black Halo The Black Halo Full-Length 2005
Epica Epica Full-Length 2003
Karma Karma Full-Length 2001
The Expedition The Expedition Live 2000
The Fourth Legacy The Fourth Legacy Full-Length 1999
Siege Perilous Siege Perilous Full-Length 1998
Dominion Dominion Full-Length 1997
Eternity Eternity Full-Length 1995