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Here's something you might want to keep up with if you have an ounce of appreciation for death/war metal; Hegemony, Alabama's latest answer to the world of war hymns. The band's debut full-length album, "Enthroned by Persecution" is a rowdy n' remorseless display made to appear of a sound and composed mind. Guitarist Barbaric Progenitor took some time off from crushing bones to answer a few questions about the band and their music.


How did the band come to be?

The band was formed around 2014 as "Hegemon" by Dominator and Progenitor after having collaborated on other projects. Eventually the name was changed to Hegemony. We wanted to create a more bestial, and angular sound than what we had done previously in other bands.

What is the current band lineup and album lineup for "Enthroned by Persecution"?

The lineup on Enthroned by Persecution is as follows:

Primordial Dominator - Bass
Barbaric Progenitor - Guitar
Ruination Wielder - Drums
Fanatical Deathtitan - Vocals

Since the recording of the album, Deathtitan had to relocate out of our area and thus exit the band, so our vocal slot is now vacant. We are currently exploring options for this.

Coming from Birmingham, Alabama, what are some of the bands you cite as contributors to Hegemony's sound?

Hegemony's musical influences are drawn from bands such as Abhorer, Black Witchery, and early Kreator. But our aim is to create jarring and suffocating metal, not directly derived from any obvious source, unlike many black/death bands content with imitation.

How would you describe Hegemony's style of metal?

We think of our music as Death/War metal.

Hegemony as a band-name seems fitting for war metal, is it related to some philosophy of yours?

It was a suitable banner for our attack. Our songs are inspired by war, conquest, barbarity and hedonism. The name was a natural fit for these themes.

Are there any plans to have 'No Throne Left to Topple' a on future Hegemony album? I ask because it's one of my favorite tracks of the band; that riff around the 2:57 mark is so good, plus it has a kick ass title.

Yes, we have given thought to re-recording 'No Throne to Topple' for a future release. It's the first song we wrote and still encapsulates the approach we want with Hegemony.

The cover artwork for "Enthroned by Persecution" caught my eye, who painted it? Also, what does the depiction signify?

The cover was commissioned from Caleb Dickenson (Cosmic Void Dark Art). It depicts unending conflict and death; all manner of weapons and armaments form an amalgamation to represent conflict and dominance.

The album's quality has a cloudy edge that works for both the death and black metal elements incorporated. Who handled the mixing, mastering, recording and where was it done?

Our album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by A. Parra of Second Sight Sound. Tracks were recording in late 2017/early 2018. Mixing and mastering were finished later that year.

Was the music on "Enthroned by Persecution" challenging to record? And how so?

Yes, the music is demanding to play. With the amount of repetition that goes into recording, the process can be tedious. Luckily we were well-rehearsed before ever entering the studio.

I hear a bit of David Mikkelsen (Undergang) in your voice, leading me to ask, are your vocals natural or were they done with the help of in-studio tools?

No! No effects were used on the vocals aside from some reverb and delay on the final product. Those are the authentic howls of Fanatical Deathtitan.

How do you feel about metal vocalists faking their growls etc.?

As far as other bands using pitch-shifting effects, we don't usually appreciate it, but some bands use it to good effect. But death vocals should never be faked!

The drumming and guitaring in particular are exceptional on "Enthroned by Persecution". A few favorites are 'Driven by Hedonistic Vice', and 'Desecration Paradigm'. How closely did the drummer and guitarist work on the record; as it seems like some sort of sonic affair between the two?

All of the music is written as a collaboration between the guitar and drums. Rhythm and timing are used to invoke violent atmosphere. Drums and vocal patterns are all written to follow the rhythmic design presented by the riffs. All songs on the album were conceived this way.

Are there any non-metal influences that may have shaped the turnout of "Enthroned by Persecution"?

Hegemony is not directly influenced by non-metal artists. However, we all are personally influenced by many styles of music.

I'm guessing it was your demo that helped you in gaining recognition from Hells Headbangers? Nevertheless, tell us how the relationship with Hegemony was spawned?

Correct. Hells Headbangers heard our demo shortly after release and contacted us with interest in collaborating on a future full-length LP.

I take it current world events more specifically the ongoing pandemic has negatively impacted Hegemony. How are you coping with the situation at the moment?

We are coping by cultivating new material! Persecution is to be unending.

Is there anything special planned for the release of "Enthroned by Persecution"?

Nothing to announce at the moment beyond a cassette release to follow after the CD and LP releases.

MetalBite wishes the best for Hegemony and "Enthroned by Persecution", be safe. Please have the last say.

Hails and thank you for the interview. To arms!

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