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With the wide array of bands coming out within the Swedish metal market nowadays, it is easy to get lost. Many would see this as a bad thing, but every once and a while you see a band come out with awesome potential and you are forced to take notice. Construcdead is one of those bands. Consisting of Jonas Sandberg on vocals, Christian Ericson and Rickard Dahlberg on guitar, Joaskin Harju on bass, and Erik Thyselius, these thrashers are ready to take aim on the metal world! I recently talked with Erik about the band, their crushing sound, and their ongoing search for label.

Adam Block

First off, tell me a little about Construcdead and how you guys originally got together.

Me, Rickard & Christian played in a trash-metal band and we felt that we wanted to do something different so we started to write some heavier shit. We talked to Joakim , who at the moment didn't have anything to do (Marco Aro joined The Haunted!!) Joakim felt the material was great and he joined!!

Was the melodic side of the music that exists with you guys now always part of your overall sound, or was it developed over time for Construcdead?

It has always been a big part of our music.........We have very different types of taste in music.

With each demo you guys have matured and gotten a little more melodic with the solos, etc., but the material on your newest demo, As Time Bleeds, actually seems heavier than your previous two. Would you agree?

Yes and no. There are parts on the first and second demo that are very heavy. The new stuff we just finished writing is even faster and heavier I guess.

How much live experience does Construcdead have now as a band? How much of the new stuff have you been able to play live?

As a band we’ve played 4 times. In Holland & Stockholm (Sweden). Before that, we have played several gigs with our previous bands. We have played all the new songs live.

And how has the response been so far?

The response has been awesome. People who never heard us before were going crazy in front of the stage and most of them are wondering why we haven’t got a record deal!!!

If those people only knew how lucky they were; I would kill to see you guys live! How is your search for that deal coming along? You guys definitely deserve one!

We haven’t got anything at the moment. It sucks big time!!!!

That all should change soon because metal is coming back in a big way. Especially in Sweden!

Yeah, I saw a program on Swedish Television with The Haunted and that’s pretty rare in Sweden. The Haunted also won a Swedish Grammy award, so the heavy music is making its march again, and hopefully we will be a part of it!!

With all the great bands coming from the area it is easy to get lost. But you guys have a unique sound and style. What...Is there something in the alcohol where you guys are from?

We as a band are very in to Bourbon & coke, it’s got to be that! No seriously, there are a lot of crap metal out on the market, and there are a lot of great bands too, like Soilwork, Arch Enemy, The Haunted and of course Carnal Forge. We believe in hard work and a lot of alcohol (hehe). Also, I believe Jonas's lyrics add a lot to our sound as well.

Any future plans for the band right now? Are you going back on the road soon?

We are not sure. We have a couple of gigs in the summer, but they are not confirmed yet. We are going to record 3 new songs in the near future.

Going back to your music for a second... On your second demo you have a guest solo from none other than Peter Wichers (Soilwork). Tell us how that came about.

We have known Soilwork a couple of years, and when we recorded "Turn" we asked Peter and he liked the idea.

What is the arrangement for the song writing process? Who writes most of the music?

Christian & Rickard are writing the music. I’ve added a couple of riffs. The arrangements are made mostly by us 3.

So as a drummer, who were influences growing up? Do those influences show through in Construcdead's music?

I hope so. I've always been a great fan of Chris Kontos, Vinnie Paul and Vinnie Colaiuta. And of course my old friend and biggest influence: Henry Ranta.

How long have you and Henry Ranta known each other?

Henry and I have known each other since school. We have played together a couple of times, and we grew up in the same neighborhood.

What kind of kit do you use for Construcdead?

I'm using a Sonor set, DW twinpedal and Zildljian cymbals.

Thank you so much for the interview. Anything you would like add?

Check out our website at for any news!! Check out our good friend Adam at!!

Entered: 3/19/2001 4:24:41 PM

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