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2000 was definitely a very big year for the guys in Shadows Fall and 2001 is shaping up to be an even bigger one. After the release and surprising success of their breakthrough album "Of One Blood", the band has been touring nonstop and has been gaining more and more recognition within the struggling American metal market. Shadows Fall is the work of five extremely talented musicians, Brian Fair on Vocals, Matthew Bachand on Guitar/Vocals, Jonathan Donais on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Paul Romano on Bass, and David Germain on Drums, who create a sound all there own, while borrowing from such styles as hardcore, death, and thrash. To bring us up to date on what the band has been up to lately, I got in touch with the bands guitarist and vocalist, Matthew Bachand, and this was what he had to tell us...

Adam Block

First off I would like to congratulate you your continuing success with the album "Of One Blood". How does it feel to have your debut getting so much attention within the metal community?

It's amazing… The album has done much better than we could have hoped. We did have the first album on LIFELESS records that was self released, "Somber Eyes To The Sky"… And it did very well but the feedback we have been getting for "Of One Blood" has been great!

Ever since its release you have been touring basically nonstop with a wide array of bands. Tell us a little bit about your experiences. How was the crowd response to your material live?

Well it has been about a full year of touring now and were just winding down… Both good times and bad times but any bad day on tour is better than a bad day at home so that keeps it in perspective. The responses have been quite good as well even though we play with so many different types of bands that don't really sound anything like us.

Now that you are done touring, does this mean you guys are writing new material for a follow-up to "Of One Blood"?

Yes, we have begun the writing process and well just have to wait and see how that goes.

Was there anything that went wrong on your debut album that you are going to try and change with the upcoming album? How would you describe the new music you are writing?

There is always something that could be different but were not thinking too hard about a direction or anything like that… We are just going to start writing and see how it goes. We definitely plan on making more use of the melodic vocals.

What sort of bands have you been listening to lately?

In my CD player right now would be… Goatwhore, Billy Joel, Upheavel, and Diecast.

What's some band or artist out there right now that you absolutely despise? What do you think of all the current nu-metal bands that are getting mainstream acceptance in America nowadays?

I can say that Creed is one of those bands that I just can't stand… Not for any other reason than that I'm just not a fan. Everything comes and goes with American music… it was just a matter of time for that style to get big… and it will be time that will make it go away.

Going back to the band, how do you think being in Shadow's Fall has changed you if it has done so at all?

Well it is definitely making me work harder and a have very little free time… that's about it though.

What are you feelings about Madball breaking up because I know at one point you were set to tour with those guys?

It's too bad because I really enjoy Madball… Hopefully they will stay together but what can ya do.

So all in all, what would you like to accomplish as a band in the long run?

To do this for a living… that's really about it… If I was looking to get rich quick I wouldn't be playing metal that's for sure.

Is there anything you would like to say to all the Shadow's Fall fans out there?

Thanks for the support… visit and we'll see you out on the road!!!

Entered: 4/9/2001 5:24:41 PM

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