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Goath appeared on my radar out of nowhere. Well, not exactly. Wolf from Sure Shot Worx decided to shoot me an email with newest Goath promo and powers of the universe and coincidence did the rest. However, when listening to the sounds of the black and death metal they're forging I couldn't stop myself from a head bop supported by a wide grin and while I usually just listen to the music this time couple of questions popped in my head. Quick email confirmed the possibility and answers were back at my box the next day. So, click on a link to listen to the music, sit your ass comfortably and read on to find out more about Germany’s Goath and their upcoming album "II – Opposition".



Thanks for taking time to do this. How are things in the Goath camp right before the release of the new album?

It's all going well so far. A lot of people are looking forward to this new record and in the end we thought that it would pile us on the pressure but in the end we realized that we don't have to comply with anyone because that would not feel natural. And that's what we're all about- nature and the natural growth of this band. A "step by step - destruction" you could say.

Here's a question that is going to be your worst nightmare for the years to come :). What is the story behind the name of the band, i.e. what is Goath?

We're used to this question so it's okay. It's a mixture of the two words GOAT and the OATH. So pretty easy, catchy and the description of what we do. We’re absolutely passionate with what we do...

All of you play or played in a bunch of other bands. What was the catalyst for the creation of Goath?

It was a logic coherence. We've been playing in different metal bands for years. All were about death and brutal themes and stuff but in the end we didn't fit into all of the bands because it was not about a common attitude, so it went out to be just kind of a hobby-music thing, even if it was fun and cool to see and learn about the business. Muerte and me, playing in Deathronation became more and more extreme in every way. We liked the black metal stuff, rotten blood, fire, leather stuff and so on. The other guys were not that much into it and this didn't work. Noone really was into satanic themes, lyrically and emotionally so we wrote a demo and found a drummer which really felt what we were doing and joined before we just hit the first note, just for the mere conviction in darkness, death, all anti-social aspects that go along with doing and living black metal... We met three times and the demo was done. Didn't need to discuss any riff or text we used.

First demo in 2016, first album in 2017, that demo must've had quite an impact on guys from Van Records. How did the collaboration start?

We already knew Sven from Van rec. through other bands and gave him the demo and he just asked us: "You wanna just do it as a small project or are you serious?" - and suddenly we realized what we really had created and decided to leave the other bands to do it fulltime, because it felt stronger than everything else. Liberated, no borders, no discussions. We're still friends with the other guys, not to get me wrong but it was overwhelming and still is. It felt fresh, like the first extreme metal band you hear when you're young and hungry.

We are just weeks away from the newest album. Quite a tempo in the releases category I have to say. Where do you find an inspiration?

We don't have to look around for inspiration because it's all deep in ourselves. It's us! 100% - everyday, no acting, no bullshit. Not to say that we're assholes or behave like youngster-idiots all the time. We can get along with nearly everybody but the three of us always feel the same, never had that in my life! Sometimes it feels like not belonging to this world, especially when we play! It's like interacting/denying society's morals, believes or so called values Goath could be one person. There's no ego shit, no dispute - kind of a dark unity, antagonistic disciples of extreme metal.

What can head bangers expect from the new album?

Lot of people won't like it or say we may be too serious or think that we're joking. Don't know. We're not condemned to push people to our side, cause it's extreme metal. Lot of people will love it if it reflects their feelings. It's up to everybody, fuck elite-behavior and all the weakness that goes along with it. In the end we'll be there, as a triumph or as a failure... Expect nothing just listen, then love us or hate us.

The new cover differs stylistically from the first album. What is the story behind the new one and the title? Why II?

II - it's obvious, cause it's the second full length album, pretty easy and not meant to be occult or shit like that. The artwork is done by a friend of us, Juri Schütz, a very young and very, very talented guy who is really into extreme metal. And the cover represents the birth of the ANTICHRIST. Yeah, how new, how individual but anyway. OPPOSITION is the only way. From the day you are born you are put into something and whenever you listen to yourself it all feels wrong, all the time and the longer you question yourself the more you feel ill, like an outcast. And the rewards in the beyond are always the things you're not allowed to have during life. So manifesting the liberty/the antichrist/ the opposer in your life will get you into trouble and that's the real reward! Living in constant opposition is the saw to all the chains society has built. Sexual perversions, excessive drug abuse, and accepting self manipulation to get what you want, what feels right is the way. The only truth, the ether, the OPPOSITION!

I'm kind of guy that likes to read the lyrics when listening to the album, but unfortunately none of them are available to me at this time. Tell me about the lyrics on the new album,; are they black or more death metal? Is there a common subject? Who is responsible for lyrical layer?

You will find most of the lyrics on our homepage soon. It's a lot of them and some are not printed down cause we could get in trouble if some douchebags would take 'em into a political direction, which is a real spare time activity for those ignorant assholes. To make it clear, we're not fascists or anything like that, we're liberated! We are all responsible for the lyrics, like I said, we could be one person.

What are the stages of your creating process? How do you work on new songs? Do you work on new songs collectively in practice room or is there a main composer taking care of all that happens?

There's no writing process. Chaos! Let it happen. We normally need just a handful of takes for one song, then we talk about the picture the sound paints in our heads, always have the same vision and done. But this explains why our songs are pretty simple. ...but effective...

Luciferian Goath Ritual was recorded live in about 30 hours. Was the new album recorded in the same way, and why did you decide to do it that particular way?

It was recorded within a few days and nights, constantly being in the rehearsal room, sleeping there, eating there, We entered it Thursday at 5 p.m. and left on Monday 6 a.m. reentering the "real world". We did it this way because we hate working in the studio, we love playing live and we want people to hear it. In some way a few songs sound a little bit claustrophobic.

What do you consider the most important element in creating your music? Is everything buttoned up when you go in the studio or there is still room for a little improvisation?

The most important element is us. The unholy trinity, accepting each other, treating each other with respect and just working on sounds that represent the hate and darkness we feel and that makes us feel home. There's no room for improvisation cause the writing process is so natural that we don't feel like having to do this. Not our cup of tea.

There are many bands playing death/black metal. What do you think is different about Goath?

Can't answer this question. Watch us playing live and that's it. We don't compare Goath with any other band. We love and respect so many DM and BM bands, all the different styles ... That's a thing for people that do reviews and stuff... Maybe one thing is different, we record everything live. No click, no trigger to give life to our demonic songs.

In your opinion, which song from the new album is the best representation of Goath and the new album?

Listen to the album and you will see. I think the whole album is the only thing that stands for Goath!

The new album premiere is just around the corner. Are you preparing anything special for the big date? Will there be a video for any of the new songs?

Got some plans but it's all said and not done yet. We'll see. But we'll do one special release show in a small venue with just a few people, good friends, good drugs...

Thanks much for the time.

Hail Satan !! Thanx for the interview !!

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