MetalBite YouTube resurrection with DOOMBRINGER and LOATHFINDER

Long time ago I opened an YouTube account (and many others, I still might have MetalBite Tweeter!) with an idea of hosting video premiers and even uploading some original content but sometimes I bite more than I can chew and lack of time and resources put that account to sleep after just 2 premieres. Today, I'm going to resurrect YouTube with couple live footage clips of Doombringer and Loathfinder from The Abyss Fest Vol. 4 from Zaklęte Rewiry - Wrocław, Poland recorder by our own MetalBite staff member, Arek.

In the past I was not a fan of live recordings (to put it lightly), but I have to take all that back because Arek did a splendid job as far as recording the footage that is of high visual and sonic quality. So, if you've never banged your head to live Doombringer or relish dark atmosphere of Loathfinder here's your chance.

Doombringer - Live 5/11/2019 Into The Abyss Fest

Loathfinder - Live 5/11/2019 Into The Abyss Fest

Entered: 5/21/2019 7:03:48 PM