The Week In Metal - Week Of July 1 - 7, 2019

There are only 2 explanations to this week's column low number of records; one, we finally hit dead days of summer or two, someone is getting fired for being lazy updating our database. Since I'm the one doing updates we have to roll with the first option, otherwise this column will never see the light of day again. But low number doesn't mean there's nothing to listen to, on the contrary, there were some very compelling albums being released last week, especially if you're into black metal. Oops, I wasn't suppose to point you into any directions... so, click play on each sample and discover something new, you never know what will get your fire going.

And in case you're going to blame me for the low number of records, in a comment section below, please point me into the records I missed or bands to keep an eye on.

Till next week...

Thrash, groove metal from Netherlands: Anger Machine - Trail Of The Perished (Independent)


Death metal from United States: Ecliptic Vision - Ecliptic Vision (Independent)


Black metal from Norway: Abbath - Outstrider (Season Of Mist)


Black, death metal from Switzerland: Arkhaaik - *dʰg̑ʰm̥tós (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Deathcore, brutal metal from Canada: Brand Of Sacrifice - God Hand (Unique Leader Records)


Black metal from Finland: Celestial Grave - Secular Flesh (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Melodic thrash metal from Australia: Envenomed - The Walking Shred (El Puerto Records)


Doom, death metal from Spain: Hex - God Has No Name (Transcending Obscurity Records)


Black, death, crust metal from United States: Immortal Bird - Thrive On Neglect (20 Buck Spin)


Thrash, melodic, death metal from Sweden: Carry The Torch - Obsession (Sliptrick Records)


Black metal from United States: False - Portent (Gilead Media)


Black metal from United States: Yellow Eyes - Rare Field Ceiling (Gilead Media)

Anger Machine, Ecliptic Vision, Abbath, Arkhaaik, Brand Of Sacrifice, Celestial Grave, Envenomed, Hex, Immortal Bird, Carry The Torch, False, Yellow Eyes

Entered: 7/8/2019 9:54:31 PM