The Week In Metal - Week Of July 8 - 14, 2019

I hope your summer has been off to a great start and unless you plan on storming Area 51 let's continue this trend with scorching hot new releases from the second week of July. This time we start our list with a name that most of you heard way more times (this year alone) than you care to admit, Batushka. After that, we quickly move on to either black or death flavors of the satanic craft, sprinkled in between with some thrash and sludge to keep things interesting. This trend is somewhat broken by the symphonic metal from Visionatica, followed by even more black/death and some speed and heavy metal outfits to close the list. As you see, there's no such thing as slow summer in music business (it looks like last week's list was just an oddity and simply points to my laziness) and creative juices are pumping at the alarming rate spreading the seeds of art and creation.

Till next week...

Black metal from Poland: Батюшка - Hospodi (Metal Blade Records)


Black, atmospheric, ambient metal from Slovakia: Aeon Winds - Stormveiled (Avantgarde Music)


Death metal from International band: Burial Remains - Trinity Of Deception (Transcending Obscurity Records)


Sludge metal from United States: Cazador - Failure To Thrive (Independent)


Death, hardcore from United States: Cold Curse - Violent Measure (Creator-Destructor Records)


Black, death metal from Finland: Concrete Winds - Primitive Force (Sepulchral Voice Records)


Thrash, heavy metal from Albania: Crossbones - The Awakening (Alpha Omega Records)


Death metal from Italy: Demiurgon - The Oblivious Lure (Everlasting Spew Records)


Death, brutal metal from Australia: Disentomb - The Decaying Light (Unique Leader Records)


Melodic, death metal from Japan: Gyze - Asian Chaos (Black Sheep Records )


Black, atmospheric, ambient metal from Germany: Impavida - Antipode (Ván Records)


Death metal from Canada: Pathetic - Rat King (Independent)


Symphonic metal from Germany: Visionatica - Enigma Fire (Frontiers Records)


Black, atmospheric metal from Germany: Wandar - Zyklus (Obscuritas Aeterna)


Black, death metal from Switzerland: Eggs Of Gomorrh - Encomium Of Depraved Instincts (Krucyator Productions)


Speed metal from Canada: Aphrodite - Lust And War (Fighter Records)


Post-Black metal from Slovakia: Atanas - Enitharmon (Independent)


Heavy metal from Chile: Hemisferio - Anacronía (Dying Victims Productions)


Thrash metal from Serbia: Kobold - Masterpace (Iron, Blood & Death Corporation)


Heavy metal from Germany: Spiker - Heavy Metal Macht (Dying Victims Productions)


Heavy metal from Italy: Temptress - The Orb (Dying Victims Productions)


Heavy metal from Germany: The Night Eternal - The Night Eternal (Dying Victims Productions)

Батюшка, Aeon Winds, Burial Remains, Cazador, Cold Curse, Concrete Winds, Crossbones, Demiurgon, Disentomb , Gyze, Impavida, Pathetic, Visionatica, Wandar, Eggs Of Gomorrh, Aphrodite, Atanas, Hemisferio, Kobold, Spiker, Temptress, The Night Eternal

Entered: 7/15/2019 9:58:37 PM