The Week In Metal - Week Of Nov 25 - Dec 1, 2019

Last week of November is all about celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year and if you still don't know what to be thankful for, can you just take a look at this list and tell me why can't you be grateful for all those staggering metal releases that we've been 'blessed' to receive throughout the year? Nothing to say? That's what I thought, so get cranking with 40 new additions to already very impressive year... and we still have 1 more month to go!

Till next week...

Black metal from France: Abyssal Vacuum - MMXIX (Egregor Records)


Post-Metal from Belgium: Hamelin - Hamelin (Wolves Of Hades)


Black metal from Finland: Shadow's Mortuary - Kuoleman Portit (Purity Through Fire)


Black metal from International band: Umbra Conscientia - Yellowing Of The Lunar Consciousness (Ván Records)


Black metal from Sweden: Avslut - Tyranni (Osmose Productions)


Death, progressive, grindcore from United States: Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas (Metal Blade Records)


Death metal from United States: Chained To The Dead - A Gruesome Encounter (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)


Doom, death metal from United States: Cianide - Unhumanized (Hells Headbangers Records)


Thrash, death metal from United States: Crusadist - The Unholy Grail (Independent)


Death, technical metal from Poland: Deivos - Casus Belli (SelfMadeGod Records)


Death, progressive metal from Netherlands: Dimæon - Void (Independent)


Black, heavy, epic metal from Sweden: Flamekeeper - We Who Light The Fire (Invictus Productions)


Groove metal from Italy: Geschlecht - New Load Continue (Time To Kill Records)


Black, death metal from Canada: Human Agony - Putrescence Of Calvary (Invictus Productions)


Doom, death metal from Germany: Into Coffin - Unconquered Abysses (Terror From Hell Records)


Black metal from Norway: Kaldvard - Dømt Til Bål Og Brann (Independent)


Black, atmospheric metal from Sweden: Ofdrykkja - Gryningsvisor (Art Of Propaganda)


Black, sludge, punk from United States: Plaguewielder - Suffering From Self Inflicted Wounds (Disorder Recordings)


Black, death metal from Australia: Ploughshare - Tellurian Insurgency (Brilliant Emperor Records)


Doom metal from Brazil: Pombajira - Pombajira (Helldprod Records)


Thrash, crossover from United States: Red Death - Sickness Divine (Century Media Records)


Thrash, black, death metal from Sweden: Reveal - Scissorgod (Sepulchral Voice Records)


Black, death metal from Spain: Sartegos - O Sangue Da Noite (I, Voidhanger Records)


Death metal from United States: Sentient Horror - Morbid Realms (Testimony Records)


Doom, death metal from Spain: Sun Of The Dying - The Earth Is Silent (AOP Records)


Death, grind from United States: Teeth - The Curse Of Entropy (Translation Loss Records)


Post-Black metal from Russia: Toluca - Soras (Independent)


Black metal from Norway: Tragediens Trone - Tragediens Trone (Osmose Productions)


Doom, heavy metal from Germany: Vampyromorpha - Herzog (MDD Records )


Black, death metal from United States: Void Terror - Holocaust Of Terrestrial Empires (Me Saco Un Ojo Records)


Thrash, death metal from Croatia: War-Head - Monuments Of Fallacy (Infernö Records)


Thrash, groove metal from Kazakhstan: Zarraza - Rotten Remains (Independent)


Death metal from Finland: Blooming Carrions - Sisters In Blooming Flesh (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Black, death metal from Greece: Disharmony - Messe De Minuit (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Black metal from International band: Trinitas - Trinitas (War Anthem Records)


Melodic, death metal from Italy: Abeyance - Portraits Of Mankind (Sliptrick Records)


Progressive, rock from Italy: Egosystema - Distance (Self Released)


Black metal from France: Nocturnal Depression - Tides Of Despair (Sun & Moon Records)


Melodic, death metal from United States: Wirethrone - Serpent Queen (Independent)

Abyssal Vacuum, Hamelin, Shadow's Mortuary, Umbra Conscientia, Avslut, Cattle Decapitation, Chained To The Dead, Cianide, Crusadist, Deivos, Dimæon, Flamekeeper, Geschlecht, Human Agony, Into Coffin, Kaldvard, Ofdrykkja, Plaguewielder, Ploughshare, Pombajira, Red Death, Reveal, Sartegos, Sentient Horror, Sun Of The Dying, Teeth, Toluca, Tragediens Trone, Vampyromorpha, Void Terror, War-Head, Zarraza, Blooming Carrions, Disharmony, Trinitas, Abeyance, Egosystema, Nocturnal Depression, Wirethrone

Entered: 12/2/2019 11:30:11 PM