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MB Premiere: HENRY KANE - 'Veil Of Hatred'

On May 22nd, 2020, the raging grind/crust/death metal monster HENRY KANE will launch the second full-length savage of a record, "Age Of The Idiot" via Transcending Obscurity Records, but today we're proud to present the ruthless and intimidating wall of sound in form of a new single 'Veil of Hatred'.

So the debut album by Sweden's HENRY KANE was supposedly touted as "the heaviest album ever recorded". While I myself find that to be a rather momentous statement to just arbitrarily throw out there, my curiosity in the latest track, 'Veil Of Hatred,' was certainly piqued.

Mainman Jonny Petersson is the one-man show for this project, and while I haven't heard the first album yet, the song leaked from the forthcoming album, "Age Of The Idiot", is quite a tumultuous banger. In 2:02 of fury and rage, HENRY KANE sounds a bit possessed with the decimation arts of Dismember and the subtle structure of a razed building hitting the ground in a misty torrent of dust and cracked pavement. Very, very Dismember-esque, which, while not a complete copy, feels good by slight comparison. Hell, it's Sweden all the way to the heated iron gates...

Watch out for this one - it doth cometh soon!


Jonny Pettersson - all instruments, vocals



Entered: 3/23/2020 12:03:03 AM