Paradise Lost - Obsidian

PARADISE LOST add another chapter to their dark, glooming history of death, doom and gothic metal. In difficult times, the British legend from Halifax is the drug that numbs the pain, the lover that takes away the sorrows, the story that craves to be told. "Obsidian", the new album from PARADISE LOST, will be released on May, 15th and the first single 'Fall From Grace' that comes with a breath-taking, catching music video can be seen below.

Nick Holmes states: "As a global crisis, it goes without saying Covid 19 has affected everyone and everything, including every aspect of the music industry. As a result, our record label Nuclear Blast offered us the chance to postpone the launch of our latest album 'Obsidian' to a less volatile time later in the year.
Taking this into consideration, and the fact the live music circuit is currently in lockdown, we think it's unnecessary to postpone the release as we think our fans wouldn't want to wait. Music can be enjoyed in practically any environment, so therefore we are going ahead with the same release date 15.5.20, and we sincerely hope our new album helps to lift your spirits, and is a beacon of light in the dark during these uncertain times! Thanks for your continuous support through the years and see you on the road!"


Luctus - Užribis

After five long years, Lithuanian black metal act LUCTUS finally returns with highly anticipated new full-length album, "Užribis", out on April 4th via Inferna Profundus Records. Take the spiritual journey through the obscure depths of the soul, breaking through any boundaries of social life, in search of what the band calls the "Other World".

"Black Metal, in this case Luctus, is one of our main tools to break through the walls of this world and enter into... Užribis."


Voices Of Ruin - Path To Immortality

With the April 24 release of their M-Theory Audio debut "Path To Immortality" fast approaching, the Southern California-based melodic death metal quintet VOICES OF RUIN have unveiled a music video for their powerful new song 'Carved Out.'

Band comments: "Alright, alright, alright. It's time for whoop ass! Here it is, you lovely death mongers and gore maniacs, the brand spanking new single 'Gloom and the Art of Tribulation' off of our upcoming EP 'La Grande Mascarade'! Enjoy this little poem about flowers, leaky buttholes and the emancipation of my ingrowing toe nails! As Joe Rogan said once: listen to Aborted, DO IT NAAAWWW! Lyric video by the people from Aimed & Framed and the noise has been orchestrated to sound sick by Kohle at Kohlekeller Studio. We hope you guys enjoy it! Don't forget to snag the VERY LAST copies of our pre order bundle while you can!"


Nexorum - Death Unchained

Recently, Norway's blackened death metallers NEXORUM unleashed their debut album "Death Unchained" via Non Serviam Records and now, NEXORUM's Roger Isaksen presents you a new guitars playthrough video for the song 'Antediluvian Purification' that you can watch below.

Roger Isaksen comments on 'Antediluvian Purification': "Norway is in lockdown mode and we are advised to keep to ourselves. Not the worst situation to be in when you are somewhat introvert and have misanthropic tendencies, but it's also kind of boring to only play music in solitude. That's why we would like to share a guitar playthrough of 'Antediluvian Purification' with you! Do you like this kind of videos? If so, which song would you like to see next, and what instrument? Comment on our Facebook page or send us a PM!".

Entered: 3/21/2020 10:08:56 AM