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MB Premiere: SANDSTORM - 'Lucia, Warrior Of Light'

Sword-wielding heavy metal power-trio, SANDSTORM are set to release their debut record "Time To Strike" on 12'' vinyl and CD formats through Dying Victims Productions on April 24th, 2020, but today we forge the steel with hot-rocking single 'Lucia, Warrior Of Light'.

Think Hallas but with heavy metal riffs or Judas Priest and Iron Maiden molded into one, SANDSTORM would be the product. After hearing the single, 'Lucia, Warrior of Light', there is no question as to why the album is getting a physical repressing on CD and its first on vinyl; dreamy twin guitar leads, harmonious drumming and vocals straight out of the late 70s early 80s it seems; how much more genuine could the music be to the golden era of metal?

SANDSTORM should have garnered much more attention but you know how thing are... You just can't go wrong once picking up SANDSTORM's debut album "Time To Strike", that we'd assume is followed up by a full length sometime soon.

"I don't know what's cooking but I sure want a bite".


Reptile Anderson - Bass, Vocals
P.J. "The Butcher" La Griffe - Drums
Stevie "Broke" Whiteless - Guitars, Vocals


Entered: 4/2/2020 12:22:48 AM