MB on Spotify - March summary

Hello fellow headbangers! 

Apologies for a little delay in March summary, but I hope you all following us on Spotify have noticed that playlist have been updated fairly often.

Anyways, quite a lot of full-lengths this month. We have My Dying Bride, we have Disbelief who have been quiet for 3 years, we have very unusual take on their material from In Flames, who decided to record it to sound as a soundtrack from 16-bit game. I spent this month listening mostly to Viscera, Vredehammer, Fange and very unusual Igorrr, I think Devin Townsend's position as Commander-in-Chief of mixing everything that could be called music, is in danger. Also Irist is worth checking out in my opinion, same with BeNeLux death metal legends Thanatos. Full playlist available here:

Quite a few interesting singles have come out, giving us a taste of albums to come. Testament is obviously out already, but if you prefer to check out promoting singles only, check out the link below. I am mostly excited about new Carach Angren, Ex Deo, Benighted, Aborted, Aversions Crown, Abysmal Dawn, Sodomisery, Bleed from Within, Wolfheart, ...and Oceans, Kreator and always enjoy when there's something new from Kaamos Warriors, one of the most productive bands since Buckethead I guess ;-) All of the above and more can be found here:

The list of EPs released is always short, so here are the bands: Azure Emote, Azusa (my favourite EP this month), Brain Stem, Candlemass, Crypt Crawler, Graveslave, Grovel, Hell Obelisco, Itus, Lychgate, Orinoco, Pure Wrath, Ruin Lust, Subtype Zero, Sutrah, Tribe of Pazuzu and Vectis. Here is the playlist with them:

We have live show from Mord'a'Stigmata to listen, the show was at Roadburn in 2019:

And if you enjoyed and were missing Metal Church releases from the 80s, you can find them in this neat compilation right here:

Remember to check these playlists as they are being updated as soon as some stuff appears on our website. Stay home, stay safe and remember to remove any breakable objects from your surroundings before headbanging in isolation.

And most of all: STAY METAL! \m/

Entered: 4/7/2020 12:54:12 PM