The Week In Metal - Week Of Mar 30 - Apr 5, 2020

Another week of social distancing with no end in sight, but don't fright, new installment of Week In Metal is here to ease the pain and suffering of our tired bodies with impaired, wretched minds. With high percent of our species desperately looking for attention and 15 seconds of fame, posting dumb videos of synchronized family dancing or out of tune singing, we bring professionalism and highest quality with blasbeats, growls, screams and disturbing sounds of extreme music.

Till next week...

Death, progressive, technical metal from United States: Aronious - Perspicacity (Independent)


Heavy metal from Italy: Hellraiderz - Fighting Hard (Infernö Records)


Doom, death, dark metal from international band: Monumentum Damnati - In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King (Satanath Records)


Black metal from Switzerland: Chotzä - Tüüfuswärk (Northern Fog Records)


Funeral Doom metal from Sweden: The Funeral Orchestra - Apocalyptic Plague Ritual MMXX (Independent)


Thrash metal from Brazil: Thrashera - Não Gosto! (Helldprod Records)


Black metal from United States: Häxanu - Snare Of All Salvation (Amor Fati Productions)


Death, grindcore, crust metal from United Kingdom: Sewer Trench - The Optimism Sessions (Independent)


Black, death metal from United States: Black Curse - Endless Wound (Sepulchral Voice Records)


Melodic, death metal from Switzerland: Eternal Delyria - Paradox Of The Mechanical Angel (Independent)


Black, atmospheric metal from Switzerland: Aara - En Ergô Einai (Debemur Morti Productions)


Black, atmospheric metal from Belgium: Ande - Vossenkuil (Independent)


Heavy metal from Italy: Dark Passage - The Legacy Of Blood (Rockshots Records)


Black, hardcore, crust metal from Germany: Depravation - III: Odor Mortis (LifeForce Records)


Black, death metal from United Kingdom: Drakonis - Blessed By Embers (Hostile Media)


Power, rock, heavy metal from Sweden: Dynazty - The Dark Delight (AFM Records)


Doom, sludge metal from Finland: Endless Forms Most Gruesome - Endless Forms Most Gruesome (Inverse Records)


Black, atmospheric metal from Finland: Grieve - Grieve (Werewolf Records)


Thrash, black, speed metal from Germany: Inferit - Diverge In The Absence Of Light (Wolfmond Production)


Heavy metal from United States: Lady Beast - The Vulture's Amulet (Reaper Metal Productions)


Death metal from United Kingdom: Live Burial - Unending Futility (Transcending Obscurity Records)


Doom metal from Canada: Loviatar - Lightless (Prosthetic Records)


Melodic, death metal from Italy: Manam - Ouroboros (Rockshots Records)


Black, death metal from Italy: Necromorbid - Satanarchrist Assaulter (Caligari Records)


Death metal from Poland: Shodan - Death, Rule Over Us (Deformeathing Production)


Thrash metal from United States: Testament - Titans Of Creation (Nuclear Blast)


Doom, gothic metal from Italy: Witches Of Doom - Funeral Radio (My Kingdom Music)


Death, grindcore from United States: WVRM - Colony Collapse (Prosthetic Records)


Black, atmospheric metal from Germany: Hohenstein - Weisser Hirsch (Purity Through Fire)


Black metal from Lithuania: Luctus - Užribis (Inferna Profundus Records)

Aronious, Hellraiderz, Monumentum Damnati, Chotzä, The Funeral Orchestra, Thrashera, Häxanu, Sewer Trench, Black Curse, Eternal Delyria, Aara, Ande, Dark Passage, Depravation, Drakonis, Dynazty, Endless Forms Most Gruesome, Grieve, Inferit, Lady Beast, Live Burial, Loviatar, Manam, Necromorbid, Shodan, Testament, Witches Of Doom, WVRM, Hohenstein, Luctus

Entered: 4/6/2020 11:31:37 PM