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MB Premiere and Interview: TØRONTO - 'Under Siege' full album stream

Like speed metal?, from Sweden?, that's classic?, ugly?, violent?, with Motorhead and punk vibes? then put "Under Siege" by TØRONTO in your car next time you head out on the highway. Heard revving their engines from miles away, the Swedish quartet continue to blaze the trail with their latest high-octane, high-speed, riff-o-rama on "Under Siege". If you want it 'Fast and Filthy' too, then it's all here for you to dive into.

TØRONTO's debut EP fire on all cylinders with alcohol and riffs at the steering-wheel, playing like they're just passing through town on their way to the big-leagues, giving us 8 racing tracks of tire-burning speed and vivacity.

A complete consumption of nitro and gasoline, 'Fast and Filthy' bursts from the starting line with a punkish spring before shifting gears into a blazing worship of Motorhead. However, TØRONTO also flaunt their own colors in the guitar department that act as the main voice of the tunes given the catchy and memorable riffing.

'Frontline Bitch' and 'Lights Out at Bedlam' demonstrate the ease in which TØRONTO can extract the cores of speed and traditional heavy metal and put them back together in a unified way. This band knows what they're doing and it's conveyed throughout the album which is out on LP and digitally on May 22nd, 2020 through Dying Victims Productions.

How did the band come together?

When Morbus Chron split up, Dag and I started talking about playing something a bit more simple and punky with the guys from Temisto. Then, after about two years of using our rehearsal space as a festival camp, we finally started working on some tunes. Sebbe left, Staffan joined, and here we are.

Please explain the meaning behind the name Tøronto.

First off, sounds cool. Too cool word to be wasted on a city. But also, the original idea was to sound like Slaughter or Sacrifice, who I think are from Toronto. That didn't go too well though, ended up way punkier.

I'm not too familiar with speed metal from Sweden, except for Reaper and Enforcer. Where metal is concerned, when I hear the word Sweden I usually think of death metal and 2nd wave black metal thus, what's the speed metal scene like in Sweden as far as promotion and appreciation goes?

I don't like the term "punk metal", but i think that might be a better sales pitch than speed metal in our case, since we lack a few key features of that genre. Speedpunk maybe. Or whatever, doesn't matter. Don't know much about the Swedish speed metal scene. I think you're supposed to play 70s rock these days.

Tell us a bit about the music on the upcoming EP Under Siege, how long had it been in the making?

All songs where written for the EP and we wrote them pretty quick, but we had to wait a few months for the studio to be vacant. Eight filthy tracks, seven fast ones and one ballad. Leo and Staffan comes up with evil stuff while I usually go for the "mother-chords" so there's a good mix of Riffs on the EP.

Full interview can be found HERE.


Eddie Flawless - Vocals, Guitars
Seb Cyborg - Guitars
79-83 - Bass
Lt. Oxtreme - Drums



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