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MB Premiere: BATTLE BORN - 'Bring The Metal Back'

Power metal band, BATTLE BORN take-up axe and mount their dragon on a quest to 'Bring the Metal Back'; they ride as men of war but you can join them if the same sentiment is shared.

The band will make landfall on enemy grounds with sharpened blade and enchanted steel on 26th June when their self-titled EP "Battle Born" is released. Here to hold you over, is a preview off the album in the form of the self-explanatory 'Bring the Metal Back'.

Painted in all the colors of power metal, loud triumphantly sung vocals, fast charging drumming and larger than life guitar solos, BATTLE BORN insist they emerge victorious from their quest.

Band comments on new track: "'Bring the Metal Back' was the first track written for our upcoming debut EP. The song calls to all true Sons of Skyrim to help us reclaim Metal from the hands of our devious foes."


Jack Reynolds - Vocals
Will Kerr - Guitars, Keyboards
Tom O'Dell - Guitars, Vocals (Track 4)
Chris Beattie - Bass
Charles Lamacraft-Perrett - Drums


Entered: 5/21/2020 12:03:34 AM