MB on Spotify - June summary

Greetings fellow metalheads!

Another month has passed and we're halfway towards the end of 2020. Yay or nay? Comment below.

Let's start with the full lengths. We've got old-school melodic black metal with keyboards from Valdrin, new release from Aversions Crown with their new vocalist, black/death duo Fornicus released their third album, Medicated from Finland decided to release their first full album after 3 EPs. 7 years after their last LP Protest the Hero released a new album, Greek black metal Acherontas released their 8th full-length, Exocrine's first album with their new drummer came out, Mantar released an album with cover songs and Carach Angren released their new set of compositions. This time it's their own version of Frankenstein story, the album is also their last with Namtar on drums. If you decide to isolate yourself from other workers in the office, put on your headphones and this set should last you for almost the whole working day:

We've also got quite a nice set of singles preparing us for some of the full-lengths that are about to be released, some of them even in July. Inter Arma is preparing to release an album with cover songs, very interesting mixture of influences seems to be inspiring these musicians. We were given some singles to get the taste of things to come from Ahtme, Abstract the Light, Oceans of Slumber, The Acacia Strain, Avatar and Deathstorm, who plan to release their new albums this year. Nekrokraft decided to re-record some of their tracks this year, Humanity's Last Breath released a new single with the video, no news about the full-length yet though. Kaamos Warriors released a new single, we also have a new single from Hellripper, Hyperdontia re-mastered their "Internal Incineration" track, promoting their compilation CD to be released soon. We also got singles from Aethere, Varaha, Volturyon, Across the Swarm, Ingested, Brujeria, Upon a Burning Body, Doro and Katalepsy.  Put that playlist on, turn your speakers to full blast and party like it's June 2020! Well, at least for 2h40min:

The EPs given to us in June include new creations by Azure Emote, Front, Fange, Deconsecration, Cryptworm, Fueled by Fear, Bury Tomorrow and Battle Born. Print out an announcement about listening party at your house/flat and this could break the ice with your like-minded neighbours and should terrify not like-minded neighbours, at least when they see the band names:

Live releases in June - two from "Non:Analog - On:Stage Series" by Death - one from Tampa, Florida and another one from Belgium. We've also got studio live version of one track from Dawn of Solace and two tracks from Hyperdontia:

We also have some re-releases in June - Haunter's "Thrinodia", Helloween's "Unarmed", "Straight out of Hell" and "7 Sinners". In The Woods... re-released their "Omnio" album and we've got In Flames's new version of "Clayman" track, you can have a go and compare this one with the version from 20 years ago:

If you want to stay up to date, follow our profile, add our playlists to your library and remember to look for updates in July playlists, there are already some interesting riffs/blasts/screams over there.

Mosh responsibly \m/

Entered: 7/14/2020 9:29:14 AM